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I'm Meg - your Registered Holistic Nutritionist, ready to serve you.

Long story short, I used to be sick, but now I am thriving after healing myself with real, nutrient-dense foods and a positive mindset. I used to live a life of deprivation and restriction, but now I am nourished and free. I used to feel disconnected and uncomfortable in my own skin, but now I glow with confidence and feel at home in my own body.

I want the same for you. It is my mission to help you achieve a life radiating with health and happiness!

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7 Reasons You Fear Rest Days… And How To Learn To Embrace Them

7 Reasons You Fear Rest Days… And How To Learn To Embrace Them

Feb 11, 2016 | No Comments

Lately I have been realizing that there is this huge fear within our community surrounding rest days. Rest days meaning, a “non-workout day”. I see too many of my close friends and clients fearful of taking a day, 2, or 3 off from the gym or their regular workout routine and this pains me because, I […]

Can’t Stop Thinking About Food? Here’s Why

Can’t Stop Thinking About Food? Here’s Why

Feb 10, 2016 | 2 Comments

Having your mind fully comprised with thoughts about food can be overwhelmingly stressful and is very different than the mind of a person who is simply passionate about food. I am passionate about food. I am currently in the process of creating a cookbook, so, quite often, I will find myself dreaming up a new recipe for […]

Sweet Potato “Toast”

Sweet Potato “Toast”

Feb 7, 2016 | 3 Comments

Some people are sandwich people, some are soup people, and some people always love a good pizza. I can’t say I am any one of those people, but I definitely am an egg person. A typical day for me starts off with eggs and if, for whatever reason, I don’t have eggs for breakfast, they […]

Nourish, Heal, and Thrive With Meg

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    I could not help but smile as I was making my breakfast this morning. I filled my plate until it was over-flowing with delicious real food, without measuring anything or stressing at all about how much I needed to eat. Before I started working with Meg, I could not have created a plate based on my understanding of my body’s energy needs and my how hungry I am. I thought about food constantly – what I was supposed to eat at each meal, when I was supposed to eat, etc. With help from Meg, I have gained almost 20 pounds and immeasurable amounts of freedom and happiness! I feel confident in my self and comfortable in my own skin. I eat tons of food, have more energy than I have had in the past two years, and smile/laugh all the time! I can’t thank Meg enough for all she has done for me!!

    - Elizabeth

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