The Nourished Podcast #12: Superfoods, How To Properly Prepare Grains, and Intuitive Exercise


Episode 12 is all about food and exercise – two of our most favourite topics!

Have you ever wondered how to incorporate organ meats into your diet?

Or have you ever wondered about grains? Why do some people eat them while others don’t?

Have you ever heard of intuitive exercise? Intuitive eating is a hot topic these days, but have you ever considered exercising intuitively?

These three topics are covered in this week’s episode of The Nourished Podcast! I also share some really exciting news! Ok, I more so brag about an upcoming event, but it’s all the same, right!? 😉


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Show Notes: 

Chicken Liver Nuggets

Raw Liver Pills

Sardine Salad

Strawberry Lemonade Gummies

Yoga By Candace

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