The Nourished Podcast #17: Trouble Sleeping, Best Exercises For Your Glutes, and Feeling Restricted On Paleo


Hey ladies!

We’re back with another episode of The Nourished Podcast and I just know you’re going to love it!

This week Shawn and I answer three different questions about having trouble sleeping, the best exercises for your glutes, and feeling restricted while eating paleo. So, if you’re wanting to grow your booty this episode is definitely for you 😉

And seriously, which lady here doesn’t want a nice firm bum!? I know I do, so Shawn and I discuss our favourite exercises for working our glutes!

This episode is also for you if you’re struggling with getting a full nights sleep or feel restricted while trying to adhere to the paleo template. We have a lot of good information for you this week, so give it a listen!

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Show Notes: 

The Autoimmune Disease Episode of The Nourished Podcast

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Natural Calm

Rear foot elevated split squat

Hip thrust

Bret Contreras

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