The Nourished Podcast #19: Interview With Poul Collins and Answering All Of Your Fitness Questions


Happy Podcast Tuesday!

Shawn and I have another great episode for you this week. If you haven’t already heard, we have a second sponsor for our podcast, Poul Collins of Rise Up Fitness in Boulder, CO.

Poul has been Shawn’s personal trainer for years and I also had the pleasure of working out with him twice while I spent some time in Boulder with Shawn this past May. Now, Poul is a sponsor of our podcast and will be training both Shawn and I as he offers online training services, too. I am SO excited to start training with him. I completed my first workout with him yesterday. It was TOUGH. 5×5 sumo deadlifts and other pulling exercises. Great workout!

In episode 19, we interview Poul and chat about fitness while answering all of your fitness questions! Enjoy!

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