The Nourished Podcast #21: How To Deal With A Break Up, Mindset, and Body Image


Ok, I know I’ve said this before, but… this episode of The Nourished Podcast is by far my favourite so far! Seriously.

You. Must. Listen.

Shawn and I address a topic that most (all?) of us girls deal with at some point or another… a break up. How do you deal with it? How do you overcome it? How do you cope with ending a relationship you believed would last forever?

If you’ve ever or are struggling with the emotions of a break up, this episode is for you.

In episode 21 I offer the three things I personally did while going through my break up as they truly helped me see my situation as a new, happy, positive beginning. A second chance.

Body image struggles are also common amongst us women, so we tie the subject into this week’s podcast, too.

After listening to episode 21, you’ll know three tools that will help you with any break up as well as how I handle body image struggles in my head. It’s all about the right mindset and being your own queen of positive self talk!

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