The Nourished Podcast #6: Protein Powders, How To Do Your First Unassisted Pull Up, and Pre-Workout Meals


Fitness is a huge passion of mine. In fact, I converted my entire basement into my own gym. I love it. I really should give you guys a tour one of these days because I’m sure you would love it, too!

In today’s podcast, Shawn and I answer all of the fitness related questions we have received so far. Listen to what we have to say about protein powder, how to achieve your first unassisted pull up, and what to eat before your workout. Shawn is a personal trainer and fitness instructor, so this is a topic she is very knowledgable on just as she is nutrition, so don’t miss it! Especially if you want to finally do your first unassisted pull up!

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Gnarly Nutrition (use the code “MEGTHERHN” for 15% off)

Jen Sinkler

Nia Shanks

Pull Up Progression Videos

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