The Nourished Podcast #8: Going Soy And Dairy Free, How To Reintroduce Foods After An Elimination Diet, and Non-Dairy Sources Of Calcium


For the first time EVER, Shawn and I were in the SAME ROOM while recording this podcast!

How fun is that!?

If you’ve been loving the podcasts so far, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll LOVE this one even more!

Before we recorded this episode, we posted a question on Instagram, “What should we talk about!?” We thought it would be fun to answer some of your on-the-spot questions since this was the first ever episode we were recording while in the same room. We had an amazing response (thank you for all of your questions, we always appreciate them!) and chose to answer the following questions and topics:

1. What are some quirks you’ve learnt about each other since meeting each other in “real life” for the first time?

2. What are your thoughts on soy and dairy?

3. How to reintroduce foods after an elimination diet.

4. Non-dairy sources of calcium.

We hope you enjoy this episode as we had tons of fun recording it (as always!)

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