The Nourished Podcast #9: Autoimmune Disease, Following The Autoimmune Protocol, and The Fine Line Between Following Restrictive Diets And Disordered Eating


Today’s episode of The Nourished Podcast is the most REAL yet.

Shawn and I are always REAL with you guys, of course, but in today’s episode Shawn shares some really personal information with you that brought a few tears out. I applaud Shawn for her real-ness and know that her diagnosis that she talks about in today’s episode is not a setback, but an opportunity for her to learn more about herself in order to help more people throughout her life.

In today’s episode we discuss what an autoimmune disease is, what diet protocol to follow if you have an autoimmune disease, and the fine line between following a restricted diet and disordered eating as this is an issue for many people who follow restrictive diets for health reasons.

Shawn and I both agree this was our favourite episode yet, so we hope you enjoy it, too!

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