The Nourished Podcast #37: Healing Eczema and Acne with Self-Love and Compassion

The Nourished Podcast #37

Who knew you could heal eczema and acne with self-love and compassion? I’m sure if you’ve struggled with either of these skin issues, you obsessed about your diet until you were blue in the face. Lori and Michelle can relate. They have both had their fair share of health struggles, mainly skin issues, and they spent years manipulated their diets and supplement regime in pursuit of healing; however, things didn’t start to change for the better until they realized they needed to look within and heal the relationship they had with themselves first.

In episode 37, Shawn and I interview Lori and Michelle and learn about their struggles with eczema and acne and how they were finally able to heal once they stopped obsessing about their diet and started focusing on the love that they had for themselves. This is a powerful episode and I know you will love it, so please enjoy the show!

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4 comments on “The Nourished Podcast #37: Healing Eczema and Acne with Self-Love and Compassion

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  2. Hi Meg,
    I love your podcast channel! Your talks about self-love, eating disorders, and acne problems among the others, are very relevant and inspiring. Loving yourself doesn’t come very easy especially with how rude society can be. Everyone’s giving a lot of focus to personal appearances and people sometimes lack empathy. Your encouraging words absolutely made my day. Thanks for all that you do!

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