The Whole 30 vs. The Eat Feel Live Love Challenge

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As my Eat Feel Live Love challenge is open for enrollment until the end of the month, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it and one of the reoccurring questions has been

What is the difference between The Whole 30 and the Eat Feel Live Love challenge? 

This is a great question and although I love both, there are huge differences between each, so let’s address them:

The Eat Feel Live Love challenge isn’t only about diet.

The Whole 30 focuses on diet, meaning for 30 days it requires you to eliminate certain foods from your diet as a means to address underlying health issues and begin to heal your gut and other body systems.

The Eat Feel Live Love challenge requires you to make diet changes, as well, but that is only one of the four parts to this challenge. In addition to diet challenges (or challenges that fall under the “eat” pillar), Eat Feel Live Love also focuses on three additional pillars of health – feel, live, and love. The “feel” pillar focuses on making changes to your life that directly affect and work to improve your blood sugar regulation, digestive health, etc. The “live” pillar focuses on making lifestyle changes that improves your overall life in addition to your health, think sleeping better and even thinking more clearly. The “love” pillar focuses on self-love and creating a deeper, more loving relationship with yourself and your body.

The Eat Feel Live Love challenge is designed to make life-long habits and changes. 

The Whole 30 requires you to eliminate grains, legumes, dairy, sugar, alcohol, carrageenan, MSG, and sulfites for 30 days, starting day 1 of the program.

Instead of throwing a long list of rules and recommendations at you on day 1, the Eat Feel Live Love challenge builds on itself, meaning on week 1 of the program, you begin with 4 “tasks” or “challenges. On week 2, you continue the challenges from week 1, but also implement 4 new challenges. This pattern repeats itself for a total of 4 weeks.

The reason Eat Feel Live Love is designed in such a way is because we wanted you to make life-long changes and the best way to accomplish that goal is to take baby steps, rather than biting off too much at one time. Additionally, the structure of Eat Feel Live Love tends to be a lot less overwhelming and does not require all of the eliminations that the Whole 30 requires (ie. you will not be eliminating alcohol during Eat Feel Live Love).

Eat Feel Live Love is only open to a small group of people at once. 

Compared to the Whole 30 which is available to anyone at any given time, the Eat Feel Live Love Challenge is only open to a small group of people each time it opens for enrollment. This is because we want to support you throughout your journey and will be able to do this much more effectively when it is only open to a small group of people.

Eat Feel Live Love includes daily emails and videos. 

When you’re part of the Eat Feel Live Love challenge, you will receive daily emails and videos from Shawn and I explaining the new weekly challenges and the reasons why you’re asked to do them. Knowledge is power, so we do our best to deliver they “whys” to you!

The Eat Feel Live Love challenge provides you with a 4 week meal plan. 

As I said, we want to support you throughout your journey, so throughout the 4 weeks of the challenge, you will be provided with meal plans, recipes, and grocery lists to make the “eat” challenges that much easier on you!

There are many differences between the Whole 30 and the Eat Feel Live Love challenge and, while I love both programs, if you’ve never participated in a “health challenge” before, Eat Feel Live Love is most likely a better choice for you as it eases you into diet and lifestyle changes more gradually and isn’t as intense, meaning we will not ask you to avoid alcohol or even dairy for an entire 30 days.

Personally, the Whole 30 changed my life and I plan to write a blog post about the first time I participated in a Whole 30 back in February of 2014. However, Eat Feel Live Love was created because of my life. Eat Feel Live Love encompasses the health changes I made in my diet and lifestyle in order to get to the healthiest point in my life that I live today.

I would love for you to join us in the next Eat Feel Live Love challenge, which begins January 4th 2016! To enrol, please visit us at and save your spot!

2 comments on “The Whole 30 vs. The Eat Feel Live Love Challenge

  1. Hi Meg, could you clarify something for me please? You don’t state in this post what the EFLL diet actually looks like, but it is implied that it’s similar to Whole 30 (but with alcohol). Is this the case? If it is, that would mean eliminating many foods, and maybe that has some health benefits for some people, maybe not, that’s not what I’m wondering about, what seems odd is that the idea of eliminating ANY foods, or of following a specific diet plan based on a list of foods, seems to contradict your overall message of eating without restriction. Granted, I only read your blog intermittently so may have missed something that might clarify this, but would you mind just explaining briefly whether the EFLL programme requires participants to cut out certain foods from their diet and if so, 1) what the reason is for that and 2) how it works with your philosophy of eating without restriction? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi there!

      The reason I’m not saying exactly what the “diet” is for EFLL is because the weekly challenges are some what of a “surprise” to the participants, so I don’t want to give away our entire program. Overall, Shawn and I eliminate common allergens and gut irritants throughout the 4 weeks.
      To answer your other question, it wasn’t until I removed some of the foods that were irritating my gut from diet that I was able to gain full health and learn SO MUCH about my body.
      So, to answer your question… it is ok to eliminate some foods. We aren’t asking you to do it for your entire life, we’re only asking you to do it over the course of 4 weeks, which allows your body to get a break from possible things that aren’t doing it well. And the second question, you should read the post I wrote today. It’ll give a long answer to your last question. In short, EFLL is about health. When you remove foods from your diet because of health reasons, that is absolutely a form of self love and care.

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