Avocados, Body Image, and Beauty

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Avocados, body image, and beauty. I know what you’re thinking – one of these things are not like the other. I always used to like that game as a child, but, in today’s post, avocados, body image, and beauty are all definitely related and play a part in the important message I’m about to share with you.

When I cut an avocado open the other morning to have along with my breakfast, I was struck by its beauty. It was honestly the most beautiful avocado I had ever seen. The flesh was so bright and green and had absolutely no flaws. It was avocado perfection.

However, my opinion of this perfect avocado changed when I too my first bite. It wasn’t all that flavourful and didn’t possess the sweetness that I look for when it comes to avocados. This avocado was just okay. Nothing special, just mediocre.

Of course I was surprised because, since this avocado was so beautiful, I was sure that it was be the best avocado I had ever tasted, but when it wasn’t, it got me thinking…

I started to think about the most “beautiful meal” I’ve ever had, the most “beautiful person” I’ve ever met, and the most “beautiful destination” I’ve ever visited, but when it all comes down to it, beauty truly is not everything because beauty does not mean that the best meal I’ve ever had was the most beautiful, or the most caring, kindest, passionate person I’ve ever met was the most beautiful, or the most memorable vacation I’ve ever been on took place in the most beautiful location.

Sometimes, or most of the time, the best things are not the most beautiful, at all.

Have you ever sliced open an avocado before and thought it was going to be bad because of its brown spots and flaws, but then it turned out being delicious?

Or what about those meals where you throw all of your leftovers together in one bowl. Those meals are not beautiful by any means, but, most often than not, they are some of the most delicious creations!

My family and I vacation in Barbados nearly every year and it is by far my most favourite place in the world. It has it’s gorgeous parts, but it is not entirely beautiful. It has a lot of areas that are poor, lacking the lush vegetation we love to see, yet I love it and it is my favourite place to travel. The experiences I have when I am there are some of the best experiences of my life.

So what does this all have to do with body image?

Just like the avocado, bowl of leftovers, and Barbados, beauty does not have to do with how it appears on the outside and that is what I want you to remember the next time you look in the mirror and think cruel thoughts about your body.

For years I didn’t feel beautiful and hid from my body, but now I know I do not have to look in the mirror to feel beautiful because beauty, true beauty, comes from within.

Your insides are what makes you beautiful. What you bring to this world makes you beautiful. Your personality is what makes you beautiful. Your passion, your confidence, and even the way you think makes you beautiful. So, the next time you catch yourself picking yourself apart and struggling with poor body image, I want you to remember this message. Focus inward, be confident, be you, and that will provide you with all of the beauty you will ever need.

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