The Nourished Podcast #45: Lyme Disease, Gut Health, & Yoga with Candace Moore of YogaByCandace

Copy of Your body can’t differentiate whether you’re stressed about your body image or whether you’re stressed about work. It’s all a form of stress and it’s all affecting you.

Today’s podcast is a very special one as we interview the lady behind one of my favourite Instagram accounts to follow, @yogabycandace

Candace has such a powerful story of overcoming Lyme disease, healing her gut with the GAPS diet, and getting to the vibrant state of health she is at today. Candace has her own business, Yoga By Candace, which provides yoga for the modern lifestyle.

I was introduced to Candace last year and have been following her Youtube videos for the past year. She has so much amazing yoga content on the internet, but one of my all time favourite yoga sequences of hers is this hip opening video. I have done it countless times over the past year and it has helped me in so many ways, especially with my squats and lunges.

I hope you enjoy this incredible interview that will get you thinking about your health and mindset!

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