The Nourished Podcast #46: Reasons For Hair Loss and How To Deal With It, What Our Morning and Evening Routines Look Like, and Meg’s New Detox Program!


In this episode Shawn and I catch you up on what’s happening in our lives. After 10 weeks off from the gym, Shawn is slowly easing her way back into weight lifting, I have a new detox program to tell you about, and then we answer listener questions about hair loss (and why it’s happening) as well as what our morning and evening routines look like.

As I mention in today’s episode, developing a consistent routine is an important lifestyle habit for you to get into throughout the winter months. It provides us with a sense of groundedness and also helps us feel balanced with the season. In my new detox program, I have created a morning routine for you to implement into your day to achieve balance this winter (and pull you out of that mid-winter funk you may be experiencing!) I would love to guide you through this week long detox and have you join my community of detox-ers! If this is something you’re interested in, read more about my detox and how to join here!

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Meg’s detox and balancing program

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