5 Benefits Of Having A Morning Ritual + What I Do Every Single Morning


As I mentioned yesterday, I was in a “winter funk” throughout the month of January due to the lack of consistency and structure I experienced that month and it wasn’t until February, when I was able to get back into somewhat of a regular routine, that I was able to pull myself out of the little funk I was in.

One thing that changed from January to February was that I started doing a morning ritual every single morning and this is the main reason I was able to pull myself out of the January funk and start feeling myself again!

I think the majority of us know that having a morning ritual is beneficial, but here are three specific reasons why a morning ritual is so important:

1. It sets the tone for the day
Think back to a day when you accidentally slept passed your alarm and then rushed out the door to work without having breakfast. Your day started off with complete chaos and a negative tone. When you wake up at the right time and do a small list of things that make you feel good in the morning, eat breakfast, and make it to work on time without being in a rush, you’re setting a positive tone for your day. What happens to you and what you do in the mornings set the tone for your entire day.

2. It increases your productivity
Let’s say you set aside at least 20 – 30 minutes every morning to do a morning ritual that makes you feel good, this time allows you to accomplish something within the first hour of you waking up, which is a great feeling! When we are productive in the morning, it carries out throughout our day. Completing our morning ritual allows us to feel successful and when we feel successful first thing in the morning, we will continue to do things throughout the day to keep that feeling alive!

3. It improves your mental health
According to this study by the American Physiological Association, by following a morning routine, your levels of stress, depression, and anxiety will decrease while your level of satisfaction will increase.

4. It enhances your spiritual well being
When your morning ritual includes things like deep breathing, restorative yoga, journaling, gratitude writing, or meditating, you will become more at one with yourself and in tune with your body. From my experience, I always feel more at peace with myself and everything going on around me when I include some of the above practices into my morning ritual.

5. It keeps you in balance throughout the winter
As I shared with you yesterday, in the winter months we are more prone to becoming out of balance if we lack consistency or a regular routine. Developing a morning routine, especially in the winter, can help you align yourself with the season and bring your body, mind, and soul back into balance. This is something I work with you on throughout my online winter detox program, which you can read more about here.

I look forward to my morning routine every day because I love to feel balanced, centred, and grounded and that is what my morning ritual provides to me (along with a very positive, productive, and successful day!)

Here’s a look at what I do every single morning:

My Morning Routine 

  1. Wake up anywhere between 8 – 9 am.
  2. Oil pull (with coconut oil + peppermint essential oil)
  3. Tongue scrape
  4. Brush my teeth with natural toothpaste made with essential oils
  5. Heat kettle to make warm lemon water
  6. Deep breathing while water is warming
  7. Sip on my warm lemon water while I journal and write out my morning gratitude list (I write 3 things I am grateful for every morning and 3 things every night)
  8. Prepare my breakfast
  9. Enjoy my breakfast

It is important to note, that I will do all of the steps above without technology, so I am not scrolling through Instagram, being overwhelmed with emails, or texting all of my friends at all during this entire time I do my morning ritual.

Some mornings, I will add things like this yoga sequence as my breakfast cooks, but those nine things pretty much always stay the same and it is important they do, so I am able to feel balanced and grounded every single day.

I am interested to hear what your morning ritual looks like, if you have one. Please leave a comment below! If you are seeking balance or wanting to learn about detoxing and aligning yourself with the winter season, I would love for you to join my winter detox program! It begins Monday February 22!

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