I’m excited to introduce you to something new I’ve started and I’m calling it “Freedom Friday”. It’s starting this Friday and will take place every Friday to follow via Instagram so make sure to follow me there.

Two of my main pillars and missions in my business are

1. Nourishment – I work to help each person I work with understand how to truly nourish their body in such a way so that they can thrive and be the best version of themselves

2. Freedom – I help each person I work with to release themselves from whatever is holding them back in life and help them to bring freedom into their life

“Nourished” and “free” are definitely two of my favourite words and that is why you’ll see me use #iamnourishedandfree and #nourishedandfree on Instagram following many of my posts.

I specialize in helping people overcoming eating disorders, disordered eating, and other mental health issues, so I know the majority of my audience would benefit from allowing and welcoming more freedom into their lives.

Eating disorders aren’t going to hang around or stay “alive” when we welcome freedom into your lives, so I think it’s time for many of us to welcome more freedom into our life. Having said that, eating disorder or no eating disorder, I think the majority of us (if not all of us) could benefit from more freedom in our life.

What do I mean by “welcoming more freedom into your life”?

It could be anything from: eating a “fear food”, going out to a restaurant that you used to think was “forbidden” or “off limits”, deleting your calorie tracking app, no longer using a food scale, no longer timing your meals, no longer planning your meals a day in advance, or it could have nothing to do with food at all…

Maybe you’re going to wear a top that you used to think you could only wear if you “lost those extra ____ pounds” or maybe freedom is not doing a workout.

How are you brining more freedom into your life today?

I would love for you to show me every Friday how you’re including more freedom into your life. Here’s how:

1. Post a picture to instagram showing how you’re welcoming more freedom into your life

2. Use the hashtag #freedomfriday

3. Tag me (@megtherhn) by clicking on your picture before posting and selecting my name, @megtherhn

I am so excited for this new movement and cannot wait to see how you welcome more freedom into your life. I promise you that amazing things will start to happen in your life once you let go to restriction, obsession, or whatever is holding you back right now and start welcoming more freedom in!


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