The Diet That I Have Found To Work Best For Me

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Oh there’s that word “diet” again. Love it or hate it, you’re always going to hear it and you’re not going to be able to avoid it.

I personally neither love or hate it. Although, I did hate it at one point in time in my life because I used to think that the word “diet” meant calorie restriction, a yes/no list of foods, obsessing over certain foods, and eating for a reason other than health, usually body image goals.

While many people may think that is what a “diet” is, that’s not actually what the word “diet” means.

Did you know diet means “the kind of foods a person eats”? Honestly, google it if you don’t believe me. “Diet” literally means “the food you eat”. It actually has nothing to do with avoiding certain foods, feeling restricted, or eating in a way to achieve certain physique goals. So, remember, when I use the word “diet”, I am referring to the food I eat. Simple as that.

Today’s blog post is titled “The Diet That I Have Found To Work Best For Me” and I bet many of you are wondering “is it paleo? high carb, low fat? low carb, high fat? keto? vegetarian? vegan!? WHAT IS IT!?”

It seems as though the majority of people are so interested in what diet everyone else is following that they literally forget about what’s most important – themselves, which is exactly why I actually don’t follow a “diet” such as paleo, keto, vegetarian, or vegan.

The diet I follow is the one that feels the best to me at that certain time in my life. My diet flows and changes as my body grows, changes, and feels different things. I am always listening to my body and my diet is a reflection of that.

As many of you know, I overcame two eating disorders throughout my life. After overcoming my second and last battle with anorexia nervosa, I struggled with disordered eating, had many food fears, and followed certain “diets” that did not consist of listening to my own body.

I actually didn’t know how to listen to my body, so I watched others, listened to them, and copied what they did and ate while totally ignoring how I felt (because I truly didn’t even allow myself the time to listen!)

One day when I was sick and tired of feeling stressed and obsessed with food (which you can read more about here), I let go of all food rules that were holding me back from being free, so I could listen to my body, honour it, and provide it with whatever it needed without judgement.

It took a long time to finally reach this place of freedom, but I was determined and worked so hard to achieve it that today I will not let go of the freedom I worked so hard for.

So what is the diet I have found to work best for me?

The diet I follow today is the diet that consists of the foods that make me feel my best on that given day. It also does not restrict any food (unless I am allergic, of course). The diet I follow today respects my body and has nothing to do with what other people are eating or what is trendy in the media. My diet is about me, how I feel, how I function, and what truly makes me feel my healthiest and happiest.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that my meals have been looking a little different recently. I know you have noticed because I’ve been receiving a lot of comments about it lately, actually. So, I am writing this blog post today for all of you who are confused or questioning my current eating style and asking “why has it changed!?”, but, sweetheart, it hasn’t changed. My diet is still the same as it was when I made a deal with myself a couple years ago that I would never follow food rules ever again and only listen to one person – myself.

I have recently been working towards addressing some health issues (which I will address in an upcoming blog post once I gather more information) and, with that, has resulted in some diet changes that are making me feel better because I listened, and will continue to listen, to my body.

2 comments on “The Diet That I Have Found To Work Best For Me

  1. This post will speak out to so many women (and men)! You have finally identified my number one reason why I hate the common meaning attached to “diet”. Every year, I get sad when family and friends talk about their latest diet that they start in January… only to give up later in the year – every year. I wish people would look at their own “diet” in a different way, such as you (and Google!) describe it. Definitely sharing this post!

  2. Yes yes and yes. Thanks for sharing my story, honey 🙂 I’ve experienced the exact same things as you have. It’s incredible how much “lighter” you feel in your body and mind (especially in the mind!) when you start to LISTEN to your own body and eat what it tells you to. Actually, I had such difficult time hearing my own inner guidance that I started using a pendulum when prepping meals. I’ve done it consistently for a year now and it works like a charm! It takes me out of my head and into my body, and I even use it when I go grocery shopping. It has saved me for lots of stomach arches and tons of money 🙂

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