The Nourished Podcast #56: How We Started Our Own Businesses


This week Shawn and I answer all of your business related questions and share with you how we started our own online businesses! I love being an entrepreneur, so I was really excited to share all of this information with you! Enjoy!

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Show notes:

Email address of Meg’s boyfriend for graphic design inquiries:

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5 comments on “The Nourished Podcast #56: How We Started Our Own Businesses

  1. I LOVED this episode (yes, I totally went for a really early walk this morning and finished listening to it already). It was great to hear more about both yours and Shawn’s business, as I have been listening to the podcast since the very first episode and am an aspiring entrepreneur (I currently trying to get started with making a website/blog and creating content – I haven’t actually posted anything yet!! EEEK!). Thanks for all that you do!

  2. Hey Meg! You mentioned that your boyfriend does graphic design stuff and the he does logos also. I am pricing out some logo options. I tried to find his info in the show notes but I don’t see it (maybe I don’t know where to look?!). But how do I find him?! Thanks!

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