The Nourished Podcast #57: An Inspiring Story of Overcoming Bulimia with Andrea Hollander

#57- An Inspiring Story of Bulimia Recovery with Andrea Hollander

In this week’s episode of The Nourished Podcast, Shawn and I interview one of my favourite ladies within our community, Andrea Hollander. I “met” Andrea over Instagram a couple of months ago and was instantly inspired by this powerful woman. She overcame bulimia and is now going into middle schools to talk to young children about eating disorders. I love that she is spreading awareness on this very important subject.

We’re inviting Andrea on our show today to share her story of recovery, which is incredibly inspiring and I know you’ll love it. Shawn and I choose to share eating disorder recovery stories because it helps spread awareness about this mental illness that takes so many lives.

For two more eating disorder recovery episodes, check out my interview here about anorexia and Sarah’s interview here about binge eating disorder.

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