Life Hacks From Health Conscious Career Women

Have you ever seen that image circling around the interwebs about the daily rollercoaster of emotions of an entrepreneur? (see below if you don’t know what I’m talking about)


Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy and the image above is quite accurate. In a single day, us entrepreneurs go through a rollercoaster of emotions – thinking everything is going great and smooth one minute to doubting ourselves the next.

Doubt? Yes, I said doubt! Even I doubt myself at times and I’m not going to hide it. I’m here to be real and honest with you guys.

Even though I love being an entrepreneur and wouldn’t change it for any other career in the entire world, I’d be lying if I didn’t say it’s stressful! Because it is. Just like any job or career, we experience stress on a daily basis.

Oh, stress. Some of us know it too well and some of us know it so well that we’ve actually suffered health implications because of it. Stress can be the underlying factor to many diseases and is usually the culprit to anyone who has or is experiencing adrenal fatigue (more about adrenal fatigue in an upcoming post!)

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and someone who is very passionate about health and keeping myself in the healthiest version of myself possible, when my friend Sara, a yoga teacher who helps busy women destress and reconnect, approached me about being in an interview summit with other health coaches to chat about stress, health, and how to stay sane, I knew I had to do it!

Because you deserve to hear about my own failures and mistakes when it comes to health. You need to hear what our best tips are and how we overcome overwhelm when things are too crazy in our lives. There are women in this summit who were in the same position that you are in right now, and they overcame their struggles by implementing the exact tips that they are about it tell you.

So join us. I invite you to check out mine and other health professional’s stories in the The Sanity Summit: life hacks of the health conscious career woman. The Sanity Summit only takes place for one week starting May 23rd. Don’t miss your chance to see all of the interviews, sign up here.

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