Freedom Friday: Maddy Moon

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This week I am welcoming a long time friend to share her story of freedom and how she embraces it on a daily basis. Welcome, Maddy!


1. I am so happy to have you on as a Freedom Friday guest! Give us a little background about yourself before we dive into the juiciness of freedom and how it applies to you and your life!

Of course! My name is Maddy Moon and I’m a Body Image and Disordered Eating Coach. I have a podcast called Mind Body Musings, I write books, I create programs and I coach clients. I absolutely love what I do, and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon!

But it wasn’t always like that. I used to be a fitness competitor, struggling to “find” my self-worth by perfecting my body and hoping others would approve. I developed disordered eating very young and soon found myself in the throes of orthorexia, an eating disorder where one is obsessed with healthy eating.

It was a very long journey and it led me to an unhealthy place both physically and mentally. Sure, I had a lean body, I ate clean, and I worked out twice a day…but did that mean I was healthy? Absolutely not! I was the opposite of healthy in fact!

After coming to the conclusion that I couldn’t live my life like that, I decided to go down a different path: one rich in body positivity, self-acceptance and food freedom. And that’s where I am today!

2. What does “freedom” mean to you? 

Freedom means liberation from chains and bondage. For me, that was my disordered eating and negative body image. In fact, I was a prisoner to my own body for awhile, ignoring my intuition just so that I could look a certain way.

Freedom means to break free from all of that and to let go of what is no longer serving you!

3. Share about the time in your life when you lacked freedom. What was your struggle?

Well like I mentioned before, my bodybuilding days lacked freedom completely. I would work out twice a day (one time I even had pneumonia and continued to train!), eat strictly (never missing a meal and never eating off of my meal plan) and I trusted my diet coaches more than I trusted my own body.

4. What was your turning point? When did you realize that you needed to embrace freedom? 

After my second fitness competition I realized that I didn’t want to be 75 years old one day and realize that I had wasted all of my life striving to be perfect. I didn’t want a panel of judges to tell me when I was or was not enough. I realized that I needed to embrace freedom and disconnect from others’ opinions of me.

5. How do you allow freedom into your life on a daily basis?

I am a scheduler, so I try to live with more intuition in my life. I only plan what I absolutely must, and the rest of the time I try to go with the flow and do things based on how I feel during any particular day. When I notice I get anxious or worried about something, I pray and try to take it easy. One lesson I’ve learned recently is to never take anything too seriously. Just don’t. You’ll realize that nothing is as big of a deal as you think it is.

6. I believe our journey towards freedom never truly ends, it just continues to progress to more and more freedom. How have you challenged yourself recently to embrace more freedom into your life?

I am about to go on a two month excursion to Southeast Asia with nothing but a carry on! This is something I never thought I would be able to do because of my tight, scheduled, stressed-out personality…but nope! I’m doing it! And I’m going to experience more freedom than I ever have before.

7. What is one golden nugget of wisdom you can provide to those who are currently struggling with embracing freedom today?

Give up the rules! Your intuition knows way more than you think.

8. And before we say good bye, how can we stay connect with you over social media?

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