How I Was FINALLY Able To Feel Confident In A Maxi Dress

Shawn and I just got back from spending a week on a cruise ship, attending the Low Carb Cruise 2016 conference, and presenting our speech on how self-love is the missing link to true health (PS if you’re interested in hearing our speech, check it out here!)

During the week we spent on the cruise, we travelled to Haiti, Jamaica, and Mexico and we were blessed with incredible weather. The day we were in Haiti, the temperature got up to 33 degrees C! (That’s 91 degrees F!). Thankfully, the hot temps allowed us to spend a ton of time on the beach, soaking up the sun, but it also allowed me to wear some of my favourite summer outfits! I’m a sucker for summer dresses!

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 1.08.07 PM

One evening when I threw on a maxi dress before we headed out for dinner, I couldn’t help but realize how incredibly confident and comfortable I felt while wearing this dress. I loved the way it hugged my body and then I realized… years ago I would have never felt comfortable with any article of clothing hugging my body so closely. I actually didn’t even own a maxi dress up until last year or any sort of tight fitting clothing for that matter.

A few years ago, when maxi dresses started becoming really popular, I would see other women walking around, wearing these types of dresses, and thinking “Gosh, I wish I could wear a dress like that!”

wished I could.

I would also say, “Once I have a tight, flat, toned tummy, I will wear tight fitting dresses like that!”

Funny thing is, my body looks pretty much the exact same today as it did a few years ago when I said that. Actually, I’ve gained 30 pounds over the past few years, so my body is actually larger than it was when I said that. I’m holding on to more body fat, more muscle, and more curves than I did a few years ago. Yet, today I wear tight fitting dresses with confidence. So, what changed?

My mindset and attitude changed.

I let go of the expectations I set for myself.

I told myself that I could only wear those dresses and feel confident in those dresses once I reached “X” body. By holding these ideals and standards, I was only preventing myself from feeling confident in these dresses and other tight fitting clothes.

My mindset and attitude was in the way of me actually feeling confident.

So, I let go.

Once I let go of the expectations and ideals, I realized that I am good as I am right now. 

I realized that I can feel confident right now. 

I realized that I can feel comfortable in my own skin right now. 

I realized that I didn’t have to reach a certain body type to wear a maxi dress. I could wear one right now. 

We are all able to feel confident, comfortable, worthy, and loved right now. If we just allow ourselves to feel these emotions. Maybe you’re like me – you have to let go of some beliefs before allowing yourself to feel all of these beautiful emotions and feelings, but it is possible.

Don’t let expectations, ideals, or beliefs hold you back from feeling confident, comfortable, worthy, or loved. Because you can have all of that if you just let go.

I was finally able to feel confident in my skin because I allowed myself to. And that was one of the best gifts I ever gave to myself.

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