5 Reasons I Hate My Fitness Pal

5 Reasons I Hate My Fitness Pal

Hate is a very strong word, I know, but with my personal experience with it and the amount of women I work with who have been negatively affected by it on a daily basis, I am allowed to say it – I hate My Fitness Pal!

Just the other day I was in the middle of a one on one session with one of my clients when my heart started to ache. We were chatting about the challenges she faced over the past week and what she was hoping to work on and change for the upcoming week. One thing that kept coming up was that dreaded My Fitness Pal. It was tearing her apart. It was causing her to feel extreme anxiety and self-hate. The relationship she had with My Fitness Pal was like a terrible, toxic relationship that you would never tolerate in your own life with an actual person, so why are we letting an app such as My Fitness Pal continue to stress us out and make us feel terrible about ourselves? We wouldn’t let a friend do such a thing to us. We’d ditch a person that made us feel such a way! So, why not ditch My Fitness Pal!? It should be easier to ditch an app than a person, shouldn’t it!?

Many of my clients have close relationships with My Fitness Pal, but they’re wanting so badly to leave it and walk away – like a bad relationship. I know this all too well as I too experienced this exact same thing a few years ago. I was in a toxic relationship with My Fitness Pal, too, at one point in my life and then I broke free. I freed myself from the toxicity and embraced freedom, which I will hold onto so tightly for the rest of my life because guess what? Freedom is way better than anything My Fitness Pal could ever provide me.

In today’s post I hope to provide those of you who need that extra nudge to kick your obsession with My Fitness Pal to the curb. I want to provide you with the support you need to walk away from this toxic relationship. You deserve better, babe. Here is why I hate My Fitness Pal (and maybe why you should say goodbye to it, forever):

1. It dictates how you feel

Like the famous quote, “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent”, or the powerful words my dad taught me as a young girl, “no one has the right to make you feel upset – you are the only person in control of your emotions.” I love both of these quotes and hold them close to me, especially during the years of my recovery. As I was recovering from a very obsessive relationship with food, I made a deal with myself and that deal was: not to keep anything in my life that dictated how I felt. So, when I realized that every single time I used My Fitness Pal I would feel hate towards myself and incredible anxiety, I knew I had to let it go because no one (or nothing) has the power to control how I feel other than me. We are the only beings that are in control of our emotions and it’s absolutely ridiculous to keep something that isn’t even real in our lives if it makes us feel anxious, shameful, filled with guilt, and hate towards ourselves.

2. It robs you of precious time

Anyone who uses or has used My Fitness Pal will know exactly how much of a time suck it is. It literally sucks time from your day. Precious time that you could be indulging in some needed self care, hanging out with a best friend, laughing and visiting with your family, or working on that never ending to do list that needs to get done. Inputting every single morsel of food you put into your mouth in a single day into an app takes time, a lot of time, actually. If you’re currently using My Fitness Pal, I’d like you to take a second right now to think about how much time you spend inputting the foods you eat. Now think about how else you could spend your precious time. Maybe your cute, little fluffy dog is begging for a walk, but you’re too busy planning out your lunch so it “fits your macros”. I way rather be walking my dog than tracking how much peanut butter I ate. Life, time, and memories are so much more important than any amount of time spent on My Fitness Pal. When you look back on your life in a few years, do you want to remember the My Fitness Pal screen or the laughs you had at your friends birthday party (while not thinking about food!)?

3. It’s no smarter than you

We have all been blessed with a beautiful body, eyes that allow us to see, emotions that allow us to feel, and an incredibly intelligent brain that allows us to think for ourselves, so remember me again… why are we allowing an app to decide what we eat and keep track of it all? When we “reach our macros” it’s like we’re getting a sign from My Fitness Pal that says “ok, stop eating! You should be full now!” But what if you’re not? What if you’re lacking energy, feeling hungry, and have an intuitive feeling that a refreshing smoothie made with coconut milk, fresh berries, and a couple spoons of chia seeds would give you all the energy you need to keep going? It’s likely that if you’re using My Fitness Pal you’ll ignore these cues we’ve been blessed with and not allow ourselves to eat anymore because “we’ve hit our macros for the day”. But what does My Fitness Pal know about you and your body!? Absolutely nothing. It does not take into account that our body needs different things on a daily basis. We do not require the exact same macros/amount of energy day in and day out. My Fitness Pal ignores such a thing, but our intuition is smart, it knows, and we should learn to trust it!

4. It causes obsession

After a period of time, all of the girls I work with, eventually develop some sort of obsession with My Fitness Pal. Their relationship stems from habit to obsession and obsessions are definitely not healthy to have in your life. When you’re obsessed with something, you’ll be more likely to experience anxiety and other intense emotions that get in the way of you being able to live a carefree, vibrant, intuitive life. We all know obsessions are unhealthy – eating disorders are partly obsessions of starving oneself, alcoholics are obsessed with alcohol and both of these groups of people will likely seek recovery to break their obsessions. An obsession with My Fitness Pal is a very real thing, I work with women on a daily basis to break free from this obsession, and it is worth noting in this post as to why I absolutely hate My Fitness Pal.

5. It prevents you from being completely intuitive

As I mentioned in #3, we were blessed with this thing called intuition and My Fitness Pal has the powerful capability to rob us of this innate ability that we all have, yet often ignore. In my opinion, being intuitive is one of life’s greatest blessings and My Fitness Pal robs us of it. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth keeping anything around if it takes one of life’s greatest blessings away from me! I often say, nothing feels as good as eating intuitively and that’s the 100% truth. Yet, another reason why I hate My Fitness Pal.

If you’re at a road block in your struggle with My Fitness Pal or relationship with food, I’d love to work with you. Read more about my one on one coaching or contact me here.

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4 comments on “5 Reasons I Hate My Fitness Pal

  1. I hate it for all these reasons. I gave it up almost a year ago, but still have a hard time because I used it for so long that I pretty much know how many calories are in what I eat. I hope one day to completely shed myself of this and be completely intuitive!

    • Hi sweetheart! I totally know what you mean and, although you will likely always know the information you do today about food, with time you won’t pay attention to the thoughts that come about in your mind when making food choices! Intuitive eating definitely is possible after years of obsession <3 Sending you love 🙂

  2. Thank you for posting this. I almost used my birthday money to buy a FitBit but after reading this (and tracking on MFP on and off for years) I have decided not to pursue that purchase and re-evaluate my relationship with MFP. Thank you. You have come so far and I truly admire you.

    • I am so proud of you, Jayme! Thank you so much for sharing your experience! Always here for you if you need a little extra support <3

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