Freedom Friday: Lori Corso Morris

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Today we’re welcoming my good friend Lori to the Freedom Friday series! I’m so excited for you to read her story and get to know her better. I truly believe we’re long lost sisters!


1. I am so happy to have you on as a Freedom Friday guest! Give us a little background about yourself before we dive into the juiciness of freedom and how it applies to you and your life!

I am a mother of one little girl and pregnant with baby girl #2 (due in September). I suffered from a long battle of poor body image, constipation, striving to be thin, hormonal imbalances like PCOS, binge/restrict behavior, over-exercised, suffered from adult acne for 5 years and most recently dealt with diastasis (ab separation) postpartum.
I love the beach, green juices, coffee, plantains, chocolate, and wine or good Irish Coffee. If I am not in the kitchen making recipes you can find me reading self-improvement books, playing with my daughter, or watching the Walking Dead.

I run the blog with my twin sister and we also have online coaching fitness and food/body image programs where we help empower ladies to love their bodies and overcome any type of struggle through fitness, positive mindset, self-love, and nutrition (real food with some fun), and balanced lifestyle. One of my missions is to help ladies work out less and still get results, love their bodies and live the life the truly deserve. I help thousands of women find their inner strength, see their struggles as life lessons, take back their power, create better relationship with food and their bodies, help them realize the power of their mind to create the life they want and fall in love with themselves and their life.

2. What does “freedom” mean to you?

Freedom means a few different things for me.

Freedom means to me living a life that I love. Where I am completely feel happy and confident in my body and love what I do. Freedom is being confident in who I am and how I do things where I don’t worry about what others are doing and focus on me. Not letting outside factors dictate my happiness. Realize that’s inside job which creates freedom.

Freedom means no rules, no perfection – just me – imperfections and all. Freedom is being more interested in how I feel. What foods make me feel good. What movement does my body need today to feel good. What do I need today to make me feel more good. This awareness allow me to listen to my inner self at a deeper level to feel better, lighter, more empowered and more aligned physically, emotionally and mentally.

Freedom is being a work-from-home mom and having a job that I love and being financially free. Freedom to make choices. Freedom to do what feels right to me. Freedom to keep things simple. Doing less to live more. Not overthinking things or overcomplicating things. Believing in myself and realizing that I am the person who has the power to change my life.

3. Share about the time in your life when you lacked freedom. What was your struggle?

I struggled with the idea of freedom for a few years. I knew I wanted freedom but didn’t know how to really get it – in all parts of my life. That took time. Time to get to know myself more. I had to realize that it was myself that was getting in the way of me reaching the idea of freedom that I so desperately desired. I turned to food and exercise to feel like I was in control of my life. But they only brought more issues. I kept looking for outside sources to make me feel better about myself or to help me instead of looking within to find the answers.

It wasn’t until I started to love and accept myself as me and stop worrying about others that freedom started to show up more in my life.

4. What was your turning point? When did you realize that you needed to embrace freedom?

My big turning point was when my acne was at it’s worse over 5 years ago. I remember one night crying hysterically in my bathroom after washing my face because my acne had gotten so bad. I fell to the floor and cried. I was crying so hard that it was difficult for me to breathe. I was shouting out,” Why me. Why can’t my acne go away? I can’t go on like this anymore. Is my face ever going to get better.” Thinking to myself I am so ugly. I was so depressed.

I now realize that girl back then was just lost. I was so confused on who I was and what to believe. I was so focused on fixing myself because I felt like I was broken from following what others said I should be doing. I put so much focus on my appearance and how I looked determined how loved and successful I was. Not realizing that’s an inside job. I realized my idea of freedom was lost. I wanted it but didn’t know what exactly it meant to me.

I had to work on what freedom meant to me. I had to work on who I was. I had to focus on changing my mindset to start living the life that I wanted in a body that I loved. All the stress that I was putting on my body through dieting, working out too much, being obsessed with reading and trying everything was really putting a toll on my health and life. If I wanted to change I had to change deep inside. I had to make that deep declaration to myself that I deserved better, take action and stop playing victim.

5. How do you allow freedom into your life on a daily basis?

By journaling. Reading things from my mentors that uplifted me and made me a better person. Having a gratitude practice – saying what I am grateful for every single day. And slowing down to ask myself is this making me happy or not? Am I doing this for myself or for someone else? Is this bringing me closer to my dreams or further away? Is this helping or hurting me?

Taking time each day to be alone with my thoughts allows me to continue to get to know me more which allows me to be more free.

6. I believe our journey towards freedom never truly ends, it just continues to progress to more and more freedom. How have you challenged yourself recently to embrace more freedom into your life?

I wake up every day saying great things are happening to me. Allowing myself to start the day with positive energy and attitude. Following my dreams and doing what I love to do has really helped me to embrace more freedom into my life. Each day I learn more about myself which brings more feelings of freedom. Trusting the Universe has my back and to keep moving forward no matter how scared I am. That there’s no rush in life. Stop focusing on the end result and to love the journey of life as that’s where life and freedom are. Always find ways to invest in myself to challenge me and make me a better person and mom.

7. What is one golden nugget of wisdom you can provide to those who are currently struggling with embracing freedom today?

Do more of what makes you feel good. Focus on how do you want to feel.
Don’t over complicate things. Keep them simple.

Remember it requires strength to be happy. It takes effort and slowing down to see all the good in life. Be more grateful for everything in your life and the Universe will start to bring more to you.

And one last thing – Don’t ever give up. Believe in yourself. Slow down and do things for you, not for someone else.

8. And before we say good bye, how can we stay connect with you over social media?

Keep up with me and my twin on snapchat – loriandmichelle

Or over on the Blog – and through our weekly newsletter where we share tips and stories we don’t share anywhere else to help our #ptsisters live a life they love in a body they love doing what they love to do.

My other favorite social media outlets to connect are Youtube – purelytwins, Pinterest – purelytwins and Instagram @purelytwins and @purelytwinsfitness.

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