You’re Not Crazy, You Have A Parasite! The Signs & Symptoms of Parasites

I believe everything happens for a reason. Currently, I am dealing with a parasite infection, which explains the health issues I’ve been dealing with for the past 10 months. For more information, read this post and this post.

I believe that I am dealing with this parasite for a reason. I am going through this situation so I can gain knowledge on this topic and help more people. I want to be a resource for you and others who are going through the same health issues as I was/am and I want you to know – you are not alone.

Over the past 10 months, there were many times that I felt as though I was going crazy. Due to the various life cycles of blastocystis hominis (the parasite I have), many of the symptoms I experienced over the past 10 months were inconsistent and cyclical. I would feel fine for a week or two and then I would be plagued with symptoms that left me crying because I was in so much pain.

Many of my symptoms also lead me to believe that I either had food poisoning, the flu, or that I was sensitive to certain foods.

Like many health issues, the signs and symptoms of being infected with a parasite can mimic other illnesses or health issues such as IBS, blood sugar dysregulation, food poisoning, cold and flu, Candida, adrenal fatigue, etc. The list goes on and on. This is why completing functional diagnostic testing such as the ones I offer to my clients are so important when getting to the root cause of your health issues and concerns. Testing provides you with answers you would likely never discover on your own. Read this post to learn more about the testing I offer or email me at

Since sharing the news that I have a parasite, I have received many requests to write a blog post on the signs and symptoms I had since being infected. Below are the signs and symptoms I have experienced over the past 10 months related to my parasitic infection:

Abdominal pain
I experienced excruciating abdominal pains throughout the winter, usually mid-month, which is around the time of the full moon. Parasites are said to be more active and lay their eggs at this time.

Headaches and migraines
For the first time in my life, I began to experience migraines. This is when I really knew something was definitely wrong with me. Headaches and migraines are a sign of a inflammation or an inflammatory infection.

Nausea and vomiting
Following my migraines, I would usually experience nausea and vomiting. At the beginning, I would blame this on food poisoning, but after a few months, I knew my body was battling something else.

Dizziness and blurred vision
At first I assumed these symptoms were due to blood sugar dysregulation, but when I bought a glucometer to monitor my blood sugar levels, I learnt that I had no issues with blood sugar balance. I then thought it had to due with adrenal fatigue, but tested my adrenals and the results could not explain this symptom, either. Both of these symptoms are related to a parasite infection.

Extreme/chronic fatigue
I would sleep 10 – 12 hours and wake up feeling as though I hadn’t slept in weeks. Parasites deplete the body of nutrients as they rely on the host (you!) to survive. When our body is nutrient deficient, we will experience fatigue.

Poor concentration/brain fog
Due to our body being depleted of nutrients as well as the toxins being released into the bloodstream.

Constipation alternating with diarrhea
Throughout the past 10 months, I have mainly experienced constipation, however, there would be certain times throughout the month that I would experience bouts of diarrhea. Parasites generally attack our digestive tract, leading to a wide range of digestive issues. A “diagnosis” of IBS is often made when experiencing a parasitic infection.

Extreme hunger alternating with periods of having no appetite at all
With my clients, I am seeing that this is a common sign of a parasite. Since the parasite relies on us for nutrition to survive, it makes complete sense why someone would feel uncontrollable hunger, no matter how much they eat.

Night sweats
This was one of the most annoying symptoms. Some nights, I couldn’t even sleep because I was so hot! I assumed it was due to my wonky hormones, but this is also a symptom of a parasite.

Joint pain and muscle exhaustion
For the first time in my life I was experiencing joint pain. I wasn’t even 25 years old and I often felt like an old woman when I got out of bed! My knees, hands, and wrists were the points that ached the most. I also experienced muscle exhaustion – I went from being able to easily do 12 – 15 push ups to not even being able to do 1 some days. Joint pain can be the immune’s response from a parasitic invasion.

Lowered immunity/reoccurring infections
Ever since switching to a whole foods/real food “diet”, I never get sick. I went years without even having a sniffle or sore throat throughout the entire winter. Over the past 10 months, I was hit with infection after infection. In June I had 3 different infections.

Any type of abnormal itching is a red flag for a parasite. The first itch I experienced was a random itch on the bottom of my foot that didn’t go away when I scratched it. It went away after a while, but I became extremely itchy in June, which is when my vagina and anus started to itch. This is when I was certain I had a parasite.

Extreme bloat
For the longest time I assumed I was sensitive to FODMAPs, but once I eliminated foods high in FODMAPs for a while and then reintroduced them, it didn’t make sense. Some days, I could eat mountains of broccoli and not experience any bloat and other days a few slices of avocado would blow me up. I was bloated to the point of pain. My stomach was so distended in June, I would cry because it hurt so bad.

Low white blood cell count and high liver enzymes
When I got my blood work done in the winter, these two markers showed up. My medical doctor brushed me off, but this is what really began my digging process. Low white blood cells indicate a compromised immune system and your liver will be compromised when dealing with a parasite as parasites release toxins into your bloodstream, resulting in an overburdened liver.

Mucous covered stool/floating stools
No matter which supplements I took to support my digestion and fat absorption, my stools would still float. They were also covered in mucous, which is a big sign of a parasite.

High night time cortisol
My adrenal stress profile results revealed that I had high cortisol at night, which told me my immune system was in overdrive. When your immune system is being affected, it will fire up in the evening and night, causing your cortisol to rise when it is not supposed to.

Mood changes
Due to the damaging effects parasites have on the gut, mood or mental health issues are common. The toxins released by the parasite also contribute to this symptom. During the past 10 months, I experienced more anxiety and “low days” than I have in a very long time.

Hormonal imbalance/amenorrhea
My hormones seemed to be coming back into balance in the summer of 2015 after being out of balance for quite some time. I had some spotting and many signs of getting my period, but that all came to an end when I began experiencing these parasitic signs in October. When our body is under a state of stress, which mine definitely has been with this parasite, the production of our sex hormones and ability to reproduce will be compromised. It is my goal to achieve hormonal balance once I rid my body of this parasite.

There are many signs and symptoms that can be a result of a parasitic infection. A few other common ones that I did not experience myself include: an itchy belly button, drooling while sleeping, and teeth grinding.

I really hope this post helps you understand the complexity of a parasitic infection and why testing is so important. I am happy to say that since following my anti-parasite protocol, I have been experiencing less of these symptoms and things are definitely looking brighter!

If you have any further questions leave a comment below or email me at If you suspect a parasite or are enduring any health issues and would like additional support, click here to learn more about the services I offer or email me directly at

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  1. Meg- actually, low white blood cells don’t indicate an infection. A low white blood cell count can indicate a compromised immune system, but not an active infection, unless you are immunocompromised (on chemotherapy or immunosuppressant medications, have had an organ transplant, or have HIV). When the body is fighting an infection, the white blood cell count increases, not decreases. The white blood cells fight infection, so when they are high, there is an active infection. Looking at the specific types of white cells that are elevated can also help discern the infection type, as certain white cells fight bacteria (neutrophils), some fight viruses (lymphocytes), and some fight parasites (eosinophils). A telltale sign of parasite infection is eosinophilia. (I’m an MD, btw, but I work closely with alternative medicine providers as well, and I do believe in the importance of diet and exercise when it comes to health).

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