Are You Still Constipated? You May Have Not Tried This… Yet.


The majority of my clients struggle with constipation and I get it, it sucks. As I child, I was chronically constipated. I grew up thinking being constipated was my normal. Do you know what’s actually normal? Pooping every single day. Ideally, 2 – 3 times per day!

A few years ago, I had a bowel movement every 2 weeks. I was miserable, bloated, in pain, and absolutely uncomfortable. So, if you’re currently constipated, I feel for you. Constipation is a health issue close to my heart and I’m truly passionate about helping you with your constipation.

Since I am so passionate about this topic, I wrote a blog post for you earlier this year outlining the 10 reasons you’re not pooping. You can read that post here.

In that post I go over everything from proper hydration to adequate dietary fats, both of which are absolutely necessary for regular, healthy bowel movements.

But what if you’re doing all 10 of those key pieces and still experience constipation?

One thing you may have not considered is: all health issues we experience have an emotional component related to them. This is called the mind-body connection.

Our body responds to the way we think, feel, and act in our daily life. I have seen this is my own life as well as my clients, so I wanted to bring this to your attention today – your mindset could be directly related to your ongoing issues with constipation.

Are you holding onto pieces of your past? Such as guilt or pain? 

Do you keep your emotions bottled up? Are you holding something in that you wish to get off of your chest?

Do you struggle with letting go? Are you holding on to something that is not serving you? 

I want you to ask yourself these questions.

Do any of them ring true?

Constipation is often related to bottled up emotions or holding on to things that are no longer serving us. I have seen this to be true with my clients – when we address this emotional component, their life-long struggle with constipation goes away. We must address our emotions when we want to heal.

Homework for you:

If you’re reading this because you’re struggling with constipation, I want you to free journal. Write the question, “What do I need to let go of?” at the top of the page, find a silent place in your home, and give yourself time to free write to answer this question. Next, write “What am I keeping bottled up?” at the top of another page and free write to answer this new question.

I’m excited to hear what you come up with. You’ll likely be surprised about what comes up.

I hope this exercise provides you with the healing you need. For more support, I’m always here for you. Please email me at if you’re interested in working with me one on one.

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