I Have To Tell You Something… I’m Writing A Book!


If you listened to last week’s podcast interview with Jimmy Moore, you might have caught on to the not-so-subtle hint that Jimmy and I dropped…

I’m writing a book!

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a published author and I am over the moon to share with you the news about my recent book contract with Victory Belt Publishing Inc.!

Just a few weeks ago, I submitted an outline for a book that I have been dreaming to write some day. After one meeting with Victory Belt, they fell in love with my idea and granted me my wish to write a book!

Jimmy Moore and I will be partnering up for this book as the topic is something that is close to both of our hearts and we believe that it is something the world needs to be educated on…

My book is taking a holistic approach to healing, addressing your mind, body, and soul. The book will be divided into 3 parts: Mind, Body, and Soul.

The Mind section of the book focuses on the certain nutrients and healing diets that can be used therapeutically for mental health and brain conditions. I will cover everything from eating disorders to Alzheimer’s within this section of the book.

The Body section of the book focuses on the key nutrients and healing diets beneficial for overcoming illnesses such as diabetes, hormonal imbalances, cancer, and more. I will be addressing the various body systems within this section of the book and focus on how you can support each system with nutrients from the foods you eat.

The Soul section of the book is something that will be quite revolutionary. This is where I will be focusing on self love. This is a topic that is usually left out of health or diet books, but, throughout my personal journey and within my private practice, I have found that true health cannot be achieved without addressing this key piece to our health. It is absolutely vital that we cultivate self love for ourselves in order to heal and live in a thriving state. Throughout this section, I will go into great detail on what self love is, how you can cultivate it, and key factors that will need to be addressed throughout this journey.

My book will also include at least 70 recipes that correspond with the Mind, Body, and Soul sections of the book. You will have recipes to support heart health, liver health, etc. as well as comfort food recipes for your soul. I have already started the recipe creation process and I can’t wait for you to try what I have created for you!

So, when can you expect this book!?

My book will be released for you late 2017 and I truly can’t wait! There is a lot of work to be done between now and then, but I am excited and incredibly grateful nonetheless.

Thank you to all of you who have already showed such loving support toward me and my big news! I don’t even have words to describe how grateful I am for you and your support! Thank you!

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