Why I Use Essential Oils


If you know anything about me, you will know that I have this thing for lighting people up. I want everyone to experience that buzzing feeling within themselves. You know… that warm, fuzzy feeling when you are so happy with your life and so incredibly comfortable in your own skin that nothing can stop you. That feeling. I want you to feel that.

For the majority of my life, before I reached my 20’s, I can hardly remember feeling that way. I battled two eating disorders throughout my life, once when I was 10 and then again when I was 15, which carried on for years later. During these times, I lived in a very dark place. I struggled with anxiety, depression, and often wished my life away.

After dedicating years of my life to recovery, I am finally free from the eating disorder that nearly stole my life away from me. I would never wish an eating disorder on anyone, but I am grateful for my experience because it brought me to where I am today.


Today, I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and own my personal holistic nutrition consulting business. I specialize in digestive health, food sensitivities, and hormones, but my main specialty is eating disorders. I know the pain and darkness. I also know the anxiety and depression that comes along with it. I’ve been through it, so I love being a support to my clients who are on a similar journey as I was years ago.
Last year, I began to integrate doTERRA essential oils into my own life in an effort to clean up my home and do my part in reducing the toxic load in my living space. (Did you know the average home is 5 – 10x more polluted than the air outside!?)

When I began using these oils, I was surprised at their positive influence on my emotions. Some oils had the capability of making me feel grounded, instantly, while others calmed me when I was feeling overwhelmed or anxious. I began to see how powerful these oils were and how they could be used for so much more than just reducing the toxins we bring in our homes – they could truly be used for all aspects of our health – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually…

When I began to use these oils for my emotional health, I couldn’t help but share the positive benefits with my clients, so I integrated them into my practice and started teaching classes.

Over the past year, not only has my love for these oils grown, but also my belief in them. On a daily basis, I see women from all over the world benefit from these oils. They light up, they begin to feel that glow that they are more than worthy of feeling. We are all worthy of that feeling and it is my absolute passion to help YOU experience this, too.

In future posts, I will be sharing my knowledge on essential oils, how I use them in my home, and more. If you have any topic requests, please let me know! I would be happy to write on a topic you’re interested in.

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Do you have personal questions about how to use essential oils in your own life? Email me at megtherhn@gmail.com and I will be happy to chat with you or check out the guide I have created for you to learn more!

2 comments on “Why I Use Essential Oils

  1. Im really interested in learning more about these oils.
    Particularly, specific oils for hormonal rebalancing and migraines (for my mum).
    Are there any you recommend, or would you suggest getting the starter pack and going from there?
    Thanks Meg, love your stuff as always 🙂

    • Hey, love!! I believe I got an email from you and emailed you back last night!! Would love to help you get started in the best way for YOU!


      Meg xo

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