2017: The Year to SHINE

It’s the last week of December and I can’t help but think of all that has happened throughout this past year. Throughout much of 2016, I felt the most ill I have ever felt in my life due to a parasite, which I found out about in August. However, even though I experienced many low points in my health throughout the year, all of the highs throughout the past year over shine them all. 2016 was definitely a year of adventure, growth, and becoming even more in tune with who I am and what I want out of life. I loved 2016.

Throughout this year I travelled to Barbados, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, Utah, and various provinces throughout Canada. I also presented on the Low carb Cruise, graduated from Levels 1 and 2 of Restorative Wellness Solutions, and got a book deal with Victory Belt Publishing! 2016 was definitely busy, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Before we move into 2017, I wanted to take some time to review 2016 with you and what took place here on Meg the RHN.

The top 3 blog posts of 2016 are:

Are You Under Eating? 10 Signs You’re Not Eating Enough

Can’t Stop Thinking About Food? Here’s Why

10 Reasons You’re Not Pooping

The top 3 recipes of 2016 are:

Sweet Potato “Toast”

Crispy Chicken Thighs

Crispy Brussels Sprouts with Pork Belly

Perhaps 2016 was also the year of loving all things “crispy”?

I wanted to thank you for all of your support here on Meg the RHN. I am extremely grateful for all of you who log on here daily, read my posts, try my recipes, and provide me with feedback. The Nourished Podcast has also seen tremendous growth over the past year and if it weren’t for you listening, that would have never happened. So, again, thank you to all of you who listen to each new episode of my podcast, email me with questions, and share the podcast with your friends and family! Each listen and share is incredibly appreciated and never goes unnoticed.

Just as 2016 was, I have this feeling that 2017 is going to be an incredible year. As I shared in this episode of the podcast, I have chosen a word for 2017 and that word is “shine”. I have this feeling as though 2017 is going to bring me many opportunities to shine and the word seems to fit well with all that I have planned so far and it resonates with me.

One of the areas in which I would like to shine this coming year is here on Meg the RHN. But I want to ask for your help. How would you like to see me shine?

What posts would you like to see here on Meg the RHN throughout 2017?


Essential oils?


I would love to hear from you so I can provide you with what you love seeing from me. With your responses, I will be able to shine my brightest as I will know that I am providing you with the content you want from me!

Please leave your comments below for post and topic requests or email me at megtherhn@gmail.com. What do you want to see here on Meg the RHN throughout 2017?

2 comments on “2017: The Year to SHINE

  1. Congratulations on a fabulous year Meg!

    I personally love reading blog posts about nutrition and how it can help with certain physical symptoms (e.g. digestion, fatigue, etc.). Just a suggestion to keep those types of posts coming!

    All the best to you in 2017!

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