#AYearOfSelfLoveProject: The Schedule

After announcing the #AYearOfSelfLoveProject, I wanted to create a schedule for you to follow. I wanted the schedule to outline the topics the #AYearOfSelfLoveProject would include throughout the year and include all that I view to be necessary when cultivating self-love.

After a brainstorm session this morning as I jammed out to my beloved Ed Sheeran (yes, I am still proudly listening to his 2014 album), I created the official #AYearOfSelfLoveProject schedule:

Each month I will be covering the corresponding topics shown above. I will be teaching lessons through blog posts, assignments, and posts on Instagram. So, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on Instagram as that will be the best way for you to keep up to date on the project, new challenges, and any other information I share.

2017 is going to be the year self-love is no longer looked at as a “fluffy” or “flowery” topic. This year, self-love education is going to empower individuals all around the world to step into a state of loving themselves, perhaps for the first time. Self-love will finally be viewed as a necessity for our health and healing, just as proper nutrition and regular movement are. This is only the beginning of the self-love movement and I would love for you to join in.

Here is what you need to know:

1. Begin by reading this blog post for all of the information on the #AYearOfSelfLoveProject

2. Follow along with me as I progress through this schedule for the year. I can’t wait to provide you with the tools I know firsthand to be true in the process of cultivating self-love.

3. Frequently use the hashtag #AYearOfSelfLoveProject on your social media channels. By using the hashtag, you will strengthen the self-love movement that this world so desperately needs.

4. Share this project with your friends! Tell them about it. Email them the link to this blog post. True health and happiness cannot be achieved without self-love. Be a part of sharing this incredible gift with the people in your life you love.

5. If you are a health practitioner, blogger, or fellow self-love activist I would love to link arms with you in this project. Please email me at megtherhn@gmail.com if you would like to work with me on this movement. Together we can make an even bigger impact on our world.

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