12 Highlights Of My 2017 Year (And Why You Should Celebrate Yours)

Earlier this week we chatted about gratitude and why it’s a key piece to your self love journey – gratitude, in my eyes, is an essential part of high-level self care (the Unbreakable Babes will be learning all about this!) In addition to gratitude, the practice of celebrating you is also key for self love and should always be a part of your self care practice.

Celebrating me was an important piece to my recovery from anorexia, but, over the years, I saw and began to understand how important it is for everyone to celebrate themselves.

One of my favourite quotes is:

Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different?

This quote comes from C.S. Lewis and it speaks so much truth and has everything to do with what I’m talking about today. It’s easy to go with the flow of life, welcome another year, and feel as though we haven’t accomplished anything in the year that just past.

Or we can even use a smaller time frame for an example:

With my one on one nutrition coaching clients, I know it’s so easy for them to get caught up in the one symptom that hasn’t lifted, leading them to feel as though they’ve made absolutely zero progress over the past couple of weeks or months. When, in reality, the long list of symptoms they had prior to beginning to work on their healing are actually gone and they are feeling the best they’ve felt in months, sometimes even years!

Celebration is about focusing on the positives and celebrating the heck out of them – even if it’s something that you view to be small (like having daily bowel movements, for an example).

Whatever progress you’ve made or whatever you have accomplished deserves to be celebrated. You, babe, deserve to be celebrated.

There’s more to come on the topic of celebration as it truly is going to play such a key piece throughout your self love journey, but today I want to highlight and freaking CELEBRATE 12 things that took place throughout my life in 2017. I have reflected back on my past year and wanted to share one thing from each of the past 12 months that I am taking the time to celebrate:

12 Things To Celebrate From 2017: 


2017 started off on a real high note for me. In December 2016, I achieved a business goal one month earlier than I had originally planned. So, in January I really took the time to celebrate my achievement from the previous month and soak it all up.


I spent the entire month of February living in Washington, DC creating and photographing the recipes for my upcoming book, Keto Freedom, with one of my best friends, Kara. This was a huge accomplishment for me as it’s been a dream of mine to be an author and it was an added bonus that my book is part cookbook and includes beautiful photographs throughout! The entire experience of creating recipes for a project I am so passionate about and living in a different place for an entire month is definitely worth celebrating. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life.


I attended a Leadership Conference in Orlando, FL that I only had the privilege of attending because of my achievements in December 2016. It was my first year attending this conference and I was and am still proud of myself for working so hard to be able to attend! It was here that I also met three women who are now three of my best friends.


I completed my manuscript for my book, Keto Freedom, the week before my family and I left for Barbados. This was a really big deadline for me, but it felt incredible to know the first draft of my manuscript was complete, so I could go on a two-week vacation with my family and not do anything but soak up the sun and relax!

I’m also going to celebrate the fact that I was able to spend two whole weeks in Barbados, one of my favourite places in the world! The fact that my career allows me to do this is something to be forever celebrated!


This was the month that changed my life forever – I got Penny! I flew to London, Ontario to pick up my puppy! Being a dog mom is the best thing ever.


I flew to Boulder, CO so Shawn and I could host our first ever retreat! Also know as, The Soul Sista Getaway, this retreat had been something Shawn and I were dreaming up for the past couple of years, so it was so surreal when we were actually surrounded by women from all across North America, connecting with them and learning from each other.


I supported my best friend, Kim, in launching her business this month. We co-taught her first essential oils class together in Saskatoon to a group of her closest friends. It was so exciting to support my best friend in this process and, again, I love that my business allows me to do this!


I travelled to Kelowna, BC and finally introduced my boyfriend, Scott, to the rest of my family (all of the Dolls!) Kelowna is my favourite place in all of Canada, so I was so happy to have it be part of my 2017!


I attended the doTERRA Convention for the second time, but this year I had two of my best friends join me, who are also growing businesses of their own! When I attended convention in 2016, I visualized myself attending convention in 2017 with some of the other women I work with, so it was absolutely incredible that I got to share this experience with them this year! I also walked the stage as a Silver leader, which was a goal I had set for myself in 2016, as well.


Scott and I took our first ever solo vacation together to Louisiana! We spent time in both Lafayette and New Orleans. It was so much fun exploring with him and I look forward to doing more traveling with him now in 2018!


In October, I became a Gold doTERRA leader, so much of my month of November was spent celebrating this huge achievement! It was my vision to accomplish this by the end of December 2017, so November was a month of celebrating my business and all of the hard work I had put in throughout the year!


Purchasing a gas stove, fridge, bed, and king mattress for the new home I will be soon moving into with Scott! These are big “adult” purchases and something to celebrate – they are a reflection of how hard I’ve worked over the past year and I am so proud of myself.

There is truthfully so much more I could have celebrated about my 2017 year. Like, having a photoshoot, meeting Emily Schromm and being interviewed on her podcast, graduating from Level 3 of Restorative Wellness Solutions and adding more comprehensive testing options to my practice, and even the little things like… sleeping in more, eradicating my parasite (ok, this was a HUGE thing!), and improving my health (I literally feel the healthiest I have ever felt!)

But, I wanted to celebrate and highlight 12 of my favourite moments of 2017 with you today and I invite you to do the same. In the comment section below, please share why you are celebrating yourself. What are you celebrating about 2017? 

Celebrating yourself is essential to your self care practice and self love journey. 

If you’re ready to take a deep dive into self love and cultivate personal freedom within your life, learn how to become an Unbreakable Babe!


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