Celebrate YOU Sunday: Haven

Celebrate YOU Sunday is a series featuring a different female within our community every Sunday, providing them with a platform to celebrate something about themselves. Celebrating yourself is an important piece to cultivating self love and falls within the building block of self care. To be featured in Celebrate YOU Sunday, please contact me here.

“When Meg asked me to share something that I want to celebrate about myself…my honest, instant reaction was “what to choose?!” Because I felt like there were so many things to choose from. And then I realized – THAT is what I want to celebrate.
Having so many things about myself that I am proud of, respect, even love…
I met Meg 2 years ago deep in the throws of an eating disorder. Trying to change myself so hard that I nearly died. Today, I am proud of who/”what” I am. I celebrate how I am killing this MSc thesis that 8 months ago I nearly quit. That I inhabit a body that shows up for me every day in yoga, crossfit and general life! I celebrate my love for hiking/camping. And my dang good sense of humour… And how much I love my family. AND especially: how I am not afraid to celebrate these things and to even tell the world about it!”


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