Celebrate YOU Sunday: Jennifer

Celebrate YOU Sunday is a series featuring a different female within our community every Sunday, providing them with a platform to celebrate something about themselves. Celebrating yourself is an important piece to cultivating self love and falls within the building block of self care. To be featured in Celebrate YOU Sunday, please contact me here.

“I choose to celebrate myself for becoming an Access Bars Practioner. After having my 1st Bars session, I immediately felt more peaceful, at ease, and relaxed. It is hard to put into words, but I just felt more awareness and less drama. My passion is to help others create more space, healing, and awareness in their lives. Energy work has always fascinated me, and now I am able to provide this as an option for my in-person Nutrition clients as well. Running Bars is easy, fun, and life-changing! How does it get any better than this? I am also celebrating the fact that I was able to complete this course all while living in a tiny hotel room with my family of 4 as we waited to move into our new home!”


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