Celebrate YOU Sunday: Deanna

Celebrate YOU Sunday is a series featuring a different female within our community every Sunday, providing them with a platform to celebrate something about themselves. Celebrating yourself is an important piece to cultivating self love and falls within the building block of self care. To be featured in Celebrate YOU Sunday, please contact me here.

“I’m so excited to be part of Meg’s Celebrate You Sunday! I think it’s crucial we celebrate all things, big and small. My daily gratitude practice has been a wonderful part of creating an “unbreakable” mindset, as Meg would call it. What I want to celebrate is how far I’ve come in my healing journey with Lyme and CIRS. For the past 5 years I have had to be quite cautious with my body, never pushing too hard, as it may set me back in my healing. I’ve learned how to be more in tune with myself and become much more intuitive in all that I do, which is something I now value so much. This year, my theme word is STRETCH because for the first time in a while, I’m feeling strong enough to reach a little further, to set goals that make me push a little more. Yet, with stretching, you want to reach just until you feel a good stretch, but not so much that it hurts! I’ll stay in tune with my body, give grace and space as needed, but allow myself to reach for more creativity and adventure and get a little uncomfortable as I stretch outside the box a bit more again!  It has me feeling excited and passionate! That’s what I’m celebrating!”


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