Meg Approved Monthly: January

Meg Approved Monthly is a series on Meg the RHN that shares my favourites of the month – books, podcasts, songs, workouts, recipes, moments… everything! 


I’m absolutely hooked on Kellie’s Glutes and Core Strength program! It’s a 12 week program and you have the option between 3 or 6 days a week. I follow the 3 day a week plan and it’s amazing! It’s a way of moving my body I look forward to every time it’s time for me to workout! I’ve been doing this entire program at home in my living room, between throwing Penny’s ball and having her bite my hair while I’m trying to do the core exercises on the floor, haha!

I’m still doing module 1, which is 100% bodyweight movements, but as the modules continue, some resistance is added to the exercises. I’m looking forward to those modules, too! Kellie incorporates all sorts of exercises including resistance bands that I would never do on my own if I were to write up my own workout programs!


Is it just me or is Taylor’s new album, Reputation, really good? I mean, really good!?

I didn’t listen to it when it first came out, but had heard so many people giving it negative reviews, so I thought I should listen to it to see what all the comments were about and I personally love it! Truthfully, I can’t do a workout without listening to this album, haha! It has, for now, replaced my workout playlist on Spotify.


This month was filled with all sorts of great moments! I launched this brand new version of my website (I hope you’re enjoying it!) and I also launched my program, Unbreakable Babe. So, it’s definitely been an exciting month business wise, but so many special personal moments have happened, as well.

Scotty and I are so close to moving into our new home (we’ll officially be living there by the weekend!), I had my second reflexology and reiki session, and I got to visit my best friend for a weekend in Saskatoon!

My favourite moment this month would be the heart to heart chats I had this month with many of the special people in my life. I think those chats are so important and their definitely a shiny highlight for me this month!


I created quite a few new recipes this month, but I think the favourite meal I made was the Indian feast I made for my parents and I one weekend! I made saag, aloo gobi, and coconut curry chicken. It was all so flavourful and Indian food is my absolute favourite! I used Primal Palate spices as they have incredible curry and garam masala blends in their Taste of Asia collection (check them out here) and I followed the recipes for coconut curry chicken and saag that will be in my book, Keto Freedom (which you can pre order here!)


I’m participating in a book club this year and this month’s book was How Successful People Think. I’m actually listening to the audio version whenever I go on a walk, which hasn’t been for weeks, so… I haven’t finished this book yet! But I will and I hope to be more inspired by the end than I currently am by this book 😉


I recently started watching Schitt’s Creek with my family in the evenings and, for someone who could watch absolutely zero TV for the rest of her life, I actually really enjoy this show!

Something New

I usually use Kate Spade agendas, but this year I got myself a Desire Map Daily Planner and I’m soooooo happy I did! It’s by far the best planner I’ve ever bought myself and I look forward to writing in it every day! It’s just so… me!


I’m not sure who shared this quote, but I remember scrolling past it on Instagram and it just stuck.

“Reveal to Heal”


And my favourite photo of the month is…



  1. Linda @ The Fitty February 4, 2018 at 1:58 PM - Reply

    Oh it’s so good to be back on your blog! It was under construction for quite a while 🙂
    I’m not sure how to feel about Taylor’s new album I miss her country days.

    • Meg February 7, 2018 at 2:32 PM - Reply

      EEEEK! So fun to hear from an old friend!! 🙂 I personally love all shades of Taylor 😉

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