After spending the majority of my life fighting and hating my body and who I was, in April 2015 a life-changing event awakened me to the reality of self love – that it is our greatest healer.

Since then, I have devoted my time and work to better understanding self love and supporting others in cultivating it within their own lives. From my personal experiences and through helping women all around the world, I have developed an ever deeper understanding of self love and created a “formula” for how to cultivate it. My knowledge on self love and the “formula”, or what I refer to as “building blocks”, will all be covered in great detail within my upcoming book, which will be released late 2017 through Victory Belt Publishing Inc.

To further share my knowledge about self love and support you in cultivating it within your own life, I have created a movement. This movement is called #AYearOfSelfLoveProject and I would love for you to join me and other women across the globe who are also committed to cultivating a strong sense of love for themselves.

It’s time we stop hating ourselves and our bodies. It is time we stop fighting who we are and wishing we were someone different. It is time we stop resisting the person we were meant to be and embrace the beautiful soul we truly are. It’s time to let go. It’s time to be free. It’s time to love. And it’s time to heal.

Throughout this journey, you too will come to wholeheartedly believe that self-love is truly at the core of your health and happiness. I cannot wait for you to experience the power of self-love that is already inside of you – waiting.

How can you begin your journey and be a part of #AYearOfSelfLoveProject? Start here.

January: Mindfulness

February: Self-Talk

March: Awareness