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You know there’s a better way.

 A better way to support and care for yourself – a better way to live.

I get you girl – because I believe the same.

Our bodies have the incredible ability to heal themselves—that is, when given the right support. When we choose nature’s medicine, our bodies come back into balance, naturally.

Over the past two years, I have experienced that essential oils not only allow us to experience freedom from physical imbalances, but also mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial freedom, as well.

I believe all women deserve to feel the sense of freedom and empowerment essential oils offer to me on a daily basis, which is why for the past year I have been dedicating my work to educating women just like you on how to use essential oils to naturally support the health of you and your family, dive deep into the ultimate form of self-care, and experience the sense of control over your health and emotions that I know you’re after.

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I strongly believe in the saying:

When we know better, we do better.

In the fall of 2015, I found myself in an aisle of our supermarket unable to bring myself to purchase another bottle of toxic household cleaner. I knew better and it was time that I started doing better.

That’s when essential oils entered my life. I knew they were the vehicle that would allow me to start doing better. Little did I know, these little bottles of essential oil would not only reduce the toxic load within my home and body, but also…

  • Support my immune system and digestive health
  • Assist in eradicating a parasitic infection
  • Improve the health and look of my skin
  • Help me experience the best sleeps of my life
  • Balance my mood and emotions
  • Tap into—and embrace—my femininity for the first time ever
  • Make me feel empowered in my health choices, and, most importantly…
  • Allow me to connect with like-minded women, just like you!

I want you to experience all of the life-changing benefits essential oils have provided me over the past two years, so let’s dive into everything you need to know about how to join me and the hundreds of other women from across the globe in living this beautiful, natural lifestyle.

What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are the aromatic compounds extracted from plants through a distillation process in which the oil provides an all natural health option to benefit our bodies.

How can you use essential oils?

Aromatically: Diffusing essential oils is one of the best ways to quickly shift your mood while also reducing the need for toxic fragrances within your home.

Essential oils are quickly absorbed by smell receptors that directly connect to one of the most powerful areas of the brain: the limbic system. The limbic system affects our moods, emotions, and memories, which is why essential oils are so beneficial for our emotional health.

Topically: Applying oils topically to your skin is a wonderful way to target specific areas of the body, such as localized joint or muscle pain.

Essential oils are very light and fat soluble, so they can easily penetrate the skin. You can increase the effect of an essential oil and decrease skin sensitivity by applying it with a carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil. One or two drops of a therapeutic-grade essential oil combined with a small amount of carrier oil is all you need for an amazing effect within minutes!

PS: For some high-level self-care, I love adding essential oils to my bath water as part of my evening routine!

Internally: Certain essential oils can be used as dietary supplements for a variety of health conditions. You can also use them in recipes—just as you would fresh herbs or spices!

Not all essential oils are created equally, but doTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® oils are 100% natural and safe to be taken internally. I enjoy adding essential oils to my water, recipes, and placing a drop under my tongue for specific health benefits.

When ingested via the mouth, essential oils enter the bloodstream through the intestinal tract, where they can travel throughout the body and interact with organs, including the brain, which is an area of study I am so passionate about!

It is absolutely crucial that I only use essential oils that are 100% pure and free of chemicals and contaminants. My health and reputation as a holistic nutritionist depends on it.

Why over 5 million people choose to trust doTERRA Essential Oils:

It excites me that essential oils are becoming more widely used and assisting more and more people in living a more natural lifestyle on a daily basis. However, it is important to note that there is no regulating body in the essential oil industry. Before I began using essential oils within my own life, I did a lot of research to ensure I partnered with a company I could trust now, and for all of the years to come.

Here are a few reasons why I choose to use doTERRA and stand strongly behind this beautiful company:


doTERRA is the only company in the world that chooses to test every single batch of essential oil that is sold. Although this is incredible in and of itself, it gets better – doTERRA chooses to share that testing with the world. Anyone can enter the lot number on their bottle of doTERRA essential oil at Source to You and witness that their oil has been verified by a third party lab as being pure with no chemical adulteration or contamination.

Because of doTERRA’s transparency and commitment to providing us with 100% pure essential oils, research universities and hospitals have chosen to partner with doTERRA when doing scientific studies that will be submitted to journals for publication.


The location where an essential oil is sourced has a profound impact on the effectiveness and therapeutic value of an essential oil. doTERRA chooses to source their raw plant materials from areas of the world where that particular plant grows best. When you take a plant out of its native environment, you change the compounds that plant produces in response to its environment – the very compounds that make up the essential oil.

For example, doTERRA could easily source their lemons from Mexico, Central America, or even the USA; but they choose to source their lemons from Sicily, where some of the oldest lemon trees in the world grow.

Philanthropic Work:

doTERRA’S mission is to not only improve the health of their customers, leave a healthy and lasting mark on the communities they source their oils from.

With over half of doTERRA essential oils coming from developing countries, communities lack basic needs you and I take for granted. Farmers walk up to three miles each day for fresh water. Medical clinics and schools go without running water. Women are deemed less-than-worthy because of their monthly cycles, shamed within their communities, and are not allowed to continue with their schooling.

Through doTERRA’s Healing Hands work, doTERRA works directly with farmers and individuals to help build basic infrastructure that is life-changing for the communities. For example, in Nepal, the earthquake of 2015 was devastating. Of the three schools rebuilt in two years, doTERRA built two of them (and they are earthquake-proof in case it happens again).

Company Culture:

The company and culture it embodies is another very important reason why I so proudly use doTERRA essential oils.

When you become a doTERRA customer, you will experience the loving, family-like culture that it is. I have also been able to connect and make friends with some of the most inspiring and beautiful women since beginning to use doTERRA’s essential oils. For the first time in my life, I have found a group of women who raise me up and allow me to feel at home.

 Are you ready to get started and join me and the hundreds of Nourished & Free women across the globe live a more natural life, feeling in control of our health every step of the way?

Let me tell you more about Nourished & Free and how you can be a part of our community!