I could not help but smile as I was making my breakfast this morning. I filled my plate until it was over-flowing with delicious real food, without measuring anything or stressing at all about how much I needed to eat. Before I started working with Meg, I could not have created a plate based on my understanding of my body’s energy needs and my how hungry I am. I thought about food constantly – what I was supposed to eat at each meal, when I was supposed to eat, etc. With help from Meg, I have gained almost 20 pounds and immeasurable amounts of freedom and happiness! I feel confident in my self and comfortable in my own skin. I eat tons of food, have more energy than I have had in the past two years, and smile/laugh all the time! I can’t thank Meg enough for all she has done for me!!

- Elizabeth


I just wanted to say that working with you was such a blessing. You have taught me to be curious in the most loving and caring way to my body, my food, and my thoughts towards the two. I am forever grateful that our paths have crossed! You embody everything you teach and I think it makes you even more of a special and badass person for it. Truly no stomach issues since we’ve worked together to help me heal my gut (and everything else that healed along the way.) Thank you for making me curious and super charging my self love and gratitude. You’re such an incredible person!

- Dana

I really want to thank Meg for being such a good all around help and coach to me. I am so glad I had decided to start our first session, it was no doubt one of the best decisions I have made. It is always a great session and leaves me with hope and helpful information and suggestions. Meg is always supportive but not overly pushy. She also makes sure our session is moving forward in the right direction. I am doing things differently with Meg’s coaching approach and achieving results. Thanks again for being caring and compassionate.

- Tammy

After spending half of my life hungry, Meg was the angel that let me know it was okay to eat, I was allowed to eat – and I was allowed to eat whatever I wanted, as long as it made me feel good. Before even booking an appointment with Meg, I learned valuable life lessons from reading her blog. She’s so real – she doesn’t tell you how to live, she shows you how to live. She writes and speaks about confidence, loving yourself, and speaking positively to yourself in the mirror every day until you believe it – all things that should be taught in schools worldwide! After watching Meg from afar, I finally booked an appointment. Being in the CSNN nutrition program myself, I was very excited to chat with her face to face (on Skype) and we instantly connected. She may be super sweet and cute but she’s also extremely smart and knowledgeable. I came to her with digestive complaints and a new autoimmune diagnosis, and every single tip she gave me helped. She showed me how to kickstart my body into healing – and it obviously worked because my health improved immensely over the months and now I’m even pregnant! Thank you for being you, Meg. You’ve helped so many of us young women overcome so many different obstacles. We couldn’t have done it without you. xo

- Holly

I have been following Meg for several years now.   I have seen her transition into a beautiful, strong, confident and joyful woman.  I knew deep down I wanted to achieve the food freedom that she promotes.  I had spent far too many years confusing myself and my body and I’d had enough of the roller coaster.  I started listening to her Nourished podcast and knew immediately I needed her guidance to heal myself.  After my first session with Meg I felt completely at ease and knew that she could totally relate to every thought, fear and emotion I was experiencing.  She had been there and done that.  Meg talked me through irrational thinking; she gave me guidelines and exercises to practice daily.  I began choosing food to nourish myself.  I stopped looking at food and dissecting it by its macronutrients and calorie content.  Rather, I began seeing a sweet potato as a source of energy, strength and vibrancy.  Food is becoming my medicine to heal me physically, spiritually and mentally.  Though Meg helped me tremendously in my relationship with food it was my relationship with myself that truly changed.  I realized I was worthy, important, beautiful and overall a pretty cool person.  Every day is a new opportunity to love myself more for the creature God created me to be.  I am forever grateful for this woman who opened up my eyes and heart to a world of happiness and wholeness. 

- Heather

I have struggled with disordered eating, body image, and food sensitivities for so long. Meg has helped to set me on the path to better health and a more loving relationship with my body and mind. It is a journey with ebbs and flows, but each day I bring myself back to the positive things I have learned from Meg. Better health is possible if you work toward it from a place of love.

- Kim

Through working with Meg, I have been able to finally find peace with food and my body. Something I’d been working on by myself for YEARS! Meg knew just how to empower me and also give me a little tough love when I need it. She’s a great support system and has taught me so much, including educating me on supplements that have assisted in helping begin healing my gut. I would recommend working with Meg to anyone interested in learning how to better their nutrition or repair their relationship with food and their body.

- Maria

It’s very simple; I came to Meg because I want to love myself again. I want to love my body. I want to exude comfort in my skin and in my life. I want to wake up each morning and not have my day be dictated by how “thin I feel.” However, I want to think my body looks HOT…not hot as in “everyone look at me, I’m the best” but hot as in self confidence. I want recovery because so many years have been spent waiting, wishing, resenting, rejecting, destroying, ruining, numbing, running, fearing….Instead I want to wish, dream, experience, believe, love, smile, laugh, cry, dance, help, achieve…just to name a few! I want recovery because I want freedom. I want to feel aligned with my highest self and as long as ED and those limiting beliefs are hanging around I am being held back. I want recovery because I want to experience LIFE. My ED has held me back and cluttered my brain and my space… I want to recover from feeling so stuck and so disorganized. I want recovery because I want peace and calm. I want serenity and I want a sense of adequacy… I want to approach each day with an open mind and an open heart. I crave feeling “light” from the inside out…. I want to be excited about each day as I know that I won’t be weighed down anymore. I want to bless my body with the respect it deserves. I want to bless Nicole with the respect SHE deserves.
Since working with Meg for even just a short amount of time, I have been able to experience those wonderful above mentioned feelings again. She has helped me to center and ground myself in the present moment and trust that my body is amazing. The fear and anxiety and obsessions surround food and my body image have started to diminish and I actually am appreciative of the girl looking back at me. I look forward to meals now because I know I am nourishing my body and actually listening to it vs. fighting it! I have been able to laugh and love and enjoy dinners out with friends, not fearing the food but actually finding pleasure in it again. I have learned that patience truly is a virtue and that in order to move forward we have to make peace with where we are. Meg has been available to me and supported me every step of the way! And every time I noticed my negative thinking creep in, she didn’t feed into it. Instead, she found a way to help me shift my perception and focus on our goals together. I have realized through my time working with Meg that I deserve to love my body and my body is perfect right now!

- Nicole

I don’t even know where to begin to tell you how invaluable Meg has been in my journey to finding health and balance. I initially followed her on Instagram and always thought she was the most genuine and down-to-earth IG “fitspo” girl. I had reached a point in my life where I had become obsessed with food, macro/calorie counting, and logging EVERYTHING that I put in my mouth; a part of me knew this was unhealthy but I couldn’t stop doing it. That’s when I reached out to Meg.
At the time, I didn’t exactly know her entire background in regards to disordered eating but her knowledge as a holistic nutritionist was credible enough for me to trust her. It was after our first session when I realized this girl knew EXACTLY what I’m feeling and that I wasn’t going crazy! Oh and by the way, she truly is as genuine and kind as she looks on IG! After several sessions, I can proudly say that I have successfully deleted Myfitnesspal, I can create a food plate without stressing and actually eat mindfully. But most importantly, I feel balanced in my thoughts, eating habits, and exercise routine. Are there days when my thoughts turn toward body image and having that fitness model “look”?.. SURE but I quickly remember my sessions with Meg and I realize that all of that does not and should not matter. There’s so much more to life than looking a certain way or looking a certain way to other people! I am incredibly blessed to have met Meg and appreciate all that she has done for me!

- Grace

I first met Meg at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. As a colleague and friend I knew she had a lot to offer. Meg embodies a holistic lifestyle through her positive thoughts, actions and daily routines. I have Celiac Disease, an autoimmune condition and have been struggling with various health issues for many years including fatigue, trouble gaining weight and infertility. After hearing from numerous doctors and family members that I am fine and there’s nothing wrong with me, I was frustrated. Four weeks after following Meg’s recommendations I have gained 6lbs, my energy is consistent and I feel great! I know I am on my way to a healthier ME! Each week I look forward to my sessions with Meg as she is very knowledgeable, encouraging and positive. I never feel overwhelmed from Meg’s recommendations and have comfort in knowing she is only an email away if I need anything. Her dedication, positive feedback and advice for diet, supplements and lifestyle is much appreciated! Thank you!

- Amanda

As an athlete, Crossfit and running are my passions. Over a period of four months I had gone from training for a half marathon to increasing my Crossfit workouts to five to six days a week. Over those four months I started to notice that my body wasn’t very happy with me. I had been sick 4 times with colds, flus and infections and I was beyond the point of tired, I would even call it exhaustion. I didn’t have the drive to get going during the day and was finding myself dragging myself to Crossfit. I always got my workout done but went home feeling spent. I was almost at the point of making an appointment with my doctor because I thought something was wrong. I felt like I could sleep for years and still not feel rested. I approached Meghan to help me with this problem. By keeping a food and mood journal for a week, Meghan quickly saw the cause of my exhaustion… LACK OF CARBS! She quickly gave me suggestions of healthy carbs to eat and educated me on the importance of having these healthy carbs in your diet. In a matter of weeks I felt like a completely different person. I had so much more energy and was more motivated to go to Crossfit. I even found that the change in diet made me happy. I felt good about what I was eating and that translated into so many more aspects of my life. On top of that Meghan has got me eating foods that I’ve never heard of before or never thought I would enjoy! She has taught me that food is my friend and it’s completely changed my life!

- Meagan

I came to Meg hopeful that she could help me with some long-time digestive issues. I was fed up that my GI doctor and conventional medicine had done nothing to make me feel better. I knew that Meg and I had similar values, and I hoped that she could help me improve my health with a whole foods approach.

Meg was fantastic to work with–she is kind, knowledgeable, and understanding. It was easy for me to relate to her, and she really listened and sympathized with what I was going through. Among other things, she recommended supplementing with digestive enzymes, eating fermented foods, and increasing my carbohydrate intake. She got me on the path toward taking control of my health, as I finally connected with an integrative medicine doctor in my area who recommended a lot of the same things that Meg did, and was able to run various tests to get me the answers that I needed.

I highly recommend working with Meg… you won’t be disappointed!

- Annie