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I cannot wait to crown you the next Unbreakable Babe!

Here’s how to secure your spot for the February group of Unbreakable Babe: 

1. Click here, select your country of residence, and click “continue”

2. Fill out your personal information, selecting “wholesale customer”, and click “continue”

You should see my name, Meghan Doll, and ID # 2674439 appear as your sponsor and enroller ID. If not, enter this information into the appropriate boxes to ensure you’re enrolling with me and will be registered for Unbreakable Babe.

3. Purchase The Home Essentials Kit for $330 CAD or $275 USD

The Home Essentials Kit includes the 10 15mL bottles of essential oil (Peppermint, Lemon, Lavender, Frankincense, Oregano, Melaleuca, On Guard, Digest Zen (Zen Gest), Breathe (Easy Air), and Deep Blue) that are required for Unbreakable Babe – plus an essential oil diffuser and your wholesale membership, providing you with a 25% discount for an entire year!

4. Finalize your shipping and payment information and then click “process order now & continue”

On the final screen, you’ll be given the option to set up your first Loyalty Rewards Program order. You can skip this option.

5. Click here to contact me, letting me know you’ve enrolled in the February group for Unbreakable Babe!

Unbreakable Babe Bonus for the February group: 

All ladies who register for Unbreakable Babe before January 15th will receive a second bottle of Frankincense for free! This is a $93 value!

(PS Frankincense is my personal all-time favourite oil. You can read more about it here!)

Hey, babe! Are you already part of our Nourished & Free Community?

You know that as a Nourished & Free member you have access to special discounts on all of my programs and courses! Contact me here for your discount!

Do you already have a doTERRA account?

If you already have an account with doTERRA, but are not a Nourished & Free member and want to register for Unbreakable Babe, please contact me here for more information on how to secure your spot for Unbreakable Babe!

If you have any questions or need my help in securing your spot for Unbreakable Babe… 


I can’t wait to see you on February 6th!