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Self Love isn’t something you find,

you create it.

Babe, it’s time to step into your personal power and cultivate the love and freedom within your life I know your soul is calling for. 

It’s time to put an end to your daily mental battles, the overwhelming feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, shame, guilt, and fear, and finally cut ties with the life that leaves you feeling trapped, disconnected, and powerless.

Because, babe – you are anything but powerless.

For years I lived in a constant state of fear, feeling trapped and completely disconnected from who I was.

My whole life felt overwhelming, but my mind was what affected me the most – the racing thoughts, the mixed messages, and the twisted conversations I had with myself in my head left me feeling absolutely out of control, every single day. And I knew that if I didn’t make a change, I would never be able to live the life of freedom and love my soul was literally aching for.

If your soul is aching for this, too, I know exactly how you feel, my sister. And I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way.

For the past few years, ever since realizing I couldn’t go on living in darkness, I have embarked on an incredible journey I like to call, my self love journey.

But, honestly, it’s so much more than that.

I believe self love is very much misunderstood by most people. I often hear people refer to self love as “fluffy” or “flowery” and those who want it are often under the impression that they need to “find” it.

When the truth is – we create it.

Self love is this incredible journey you take with yourself.

It’s an inner job and is never something I would ever refer to as fluffy or flowery because that deep, juicy inner soul work is the very thing that most people avoid because it calls you to step into your power and do the inner work that most of us have been avoiding for years.

Self love is about you, your mind, your thoughts, your internal dialogue, and the way you consciously communicate with yourself on a daily basis. It’s about becoming fully aware of your inner state.

Self love is about releasing and letting go, but also about getting in touch, connected, in tune, and real with yourself. It’s about living in alignment.

Ultimately, self love is about you, babe. 

It’s about you becoming unbreakable.

un·break·a·ble babe


An Unbreakable Babe is a woman who is mentally strong and fully understands her mind, thoughts, and inner dialogue.
She consciously speaks to herself with love and compassion.
She embraces her true self and does not let external factors dictate the way she thinks, feels, or lives.
She cares for herself as she would a best friend, because that is exactly who she is.
She is a powerful female who fully embraces each of The Four Building Blocks of Self Love and lives in a beautiful state of personal freedom as a result.

I have created Unbreakable Babe for women who are ready to step into their power, finally cultivate a deep sense of love for themselves, and embrace personal freedom.

I created Unbreakable Babe for you

What is Unbreakable Babe?

Unbreakable Babe is a 6-week guided group coaching program for women ready to cultivate a deep sense of love for themselves and experience personal freedom within their daily lives.

You will learn extensively about The Four Building Blocks of Self Love (self talk, self compassion, self acceptance, and self care) and how to incorporate each of these essential elements into your daily life to finally cultivate the self love and freedom you’re seeking.

We will use pure essential oils to anchor us throughout this journey, assist our bodies in emotional release and unlocking stored trauma, support our high-level self care practice, and allow us to be in control of our emotions.

What are The Four Building Blocks of Self Love?

After years of gaining first-hand experience for what it takes to go from living in fear and hating everything about myself to where I am today – living the life of freedom and love I once only dreamt about – I have developed an incredibly deep understanding of self love and how it is cultivated. I have also worked with women across the globe for the past few years through my private practice, supporting them along this journey, as well.

With my personal experience and the additional knowledge and understanding I gained from supporting other women along this journey, I have discovered that in order to cultivate self love, there are four key elements that must be present and fully embraced within an individual’s life. This is what I call The Four Building Blocks of Self Love. They are: Self Talk, Self Compassion, Self Acceptance, and Self Care.

Who Is Unbreakable Babe For?

  • Women who are ready to finally learn what it takes to love themselves wholeheartedly, and implement these tools within their daily life
  • Women who are totally over feeling trapped and are ready to experience personal freedom, daily
  • Women who are open and ready to doing inner soul work for lasting change and major positive shifts within their life
  • Women who are wanting to be in control of their mental game and emotional health
  • Women who are ready to break free of the viscous cycle they are currently trapped in
  • Women who are ready to let go of what is no longer serving them
  • Women who are ready to embrace their true self
  • Women who are committed to taking the necessary time for themselves
  • Women who are in search of a community of like-minded and supportive women
  • Women who are truly ready to become Unbreakable

When you join Unbreakable Babe you get:

  • 5 weekly live group coaching calls, including that weeks’ topic and Q&A
  • 1 private coaching call (week 6)
  • Weekly mind, body, and soul work
  • Lifetime access to the private Unbreakable Babe Facebook group for support and even more love!
  • 10 15mL bottles of doTERRA essential oils (Peppermint, Lemon, Lavender, Frankincense, Oregano, Melaleuca, On Guard, Digest Zen (Zen Gest), Breathe (Easy Air), and Deep Blue)
  • An essential oil diffuser to support you in using your oils daily and getting the most out of them!
  • 25% off all doTERRA essential oils and products for 1 year
  • Access to the Nourished & Free Community
  • Recordings of each weekly training, so you can always refer back to the lessons
  • Ongoing self-love and essential oil education
  • Access to all of my future programs and courses at a discounted price!
  • Figuratively “crowned” as an Unbreakable Babe 😉

The Weekly Modules:

Each week, we will meet up live webinar-style to cover the topic of that week, have a Q&A, and for you receive your weekly mind, body, and soul work.

Week 1: An Introduction To Self Love & Your Essential Oils

Our first live call is all about self love and prepping for the lessons to come in the future weeks because you’ve never approached self love in this way before! My discovery of The Four Building Blocks of Self Love is unique to the Unbreakable Babe program, therefore, we will be shedding light on self love in a whole new way throughout this module! In addition to learning about self love, we will also be learning about your essential oils and how you’re going to be using them throughout the next six weeks. Essential oils are going to play a key role in anchoring yourself throughout this journey, but also emotional release and empowerment.

Week 2: Self Talk

Self talk is the first building block of self love. We will have a deep and eye-opening conversation about mindset, thoughts, awareness, inner dialogue, emotions, and more.

Week 3: Self Compassion

Following self talk, we will cover the second building block, self compassion. You will learn more about inner dialogue and how you can consciously make positive changes to continue to progress along your self love journey.

Week 4: Self Acceptance

Throughout the self acceptance module, we will be focusing a lot on releasing and letting go, but also embracing and tapping into our intuition.

Week 5: Self Care

In the last building block of self love, self care, I will be sharing what high-level self care looks like with you. Again, this is going to have you looking at self care in a whole new way, which is essential for you to truly cultivate self love.

Week 6: Our private coaching call

Although Unbreakable Babe actually doesn’t ever come to an end – you have lifetime access to the FB support group and you’ll always be an Unbreakable Babe after completing this course – I wanted to finish up the weekly coaching calls with a private coaching call with just me + you, babe. This is going to be special time for you and I, allowing us to really connect, and give me a chance to give you my one-on-one support in your self love journey.

Are you ready to become unbreakable?

Unbreakable Babe is valued at $1,399
Register now for $330 CAD or $275 USD!


Enrolment is open for the month of January, but spots are limited to keep the February group as close and intimate as possible. 

We begin Tuesday, February 6th 2018!